Naked man arrested in SDSU classroom

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SAN DIEGO — Campus police arrested a 53-year-old man over the weekend after he called 911 to say that he was running around naked, eating toothpaste and scribbling graffiti in classrooms at San Diego State University.

When police found the man on Sunday, the man told them that he was “fighting for a cause” and that he wanted to see his doctor about his medications, SDSU police Capt. Josh Mays told the Los Angeles Times.

Most of the graffiti, which was scrawled in five classrooms, was indecipherable, but one symbol appeared to be a Star of David, Mays said. The man, a Santee resident, has no known connection to the university, Mays said.

The incident is not thought to be a hate crime and no criminal charges were filed, Mays said. Police took the man to a mental health clinic for evaluation.



  • christine George

    Wtf this guy was trying to make some kind of statement because he couldn’t afford his medication, so why not run around a SCHOOL CAMPUS, and inside of several classes in the nude! How did no one else notice this and so he was forced to call 911 on himself?! Seriously and no frigging charges were filed! This is bull shit and he knew what he was doing was wrong enough to call the cops on himself! Who the hell runs through a school campus naked and doesn’t get charges with any sex crimes? Or public nudity in a school!!! Wow this is such a degenerate city, San Diego

    • Chris.

      It is called a MENTAL illness. As a health care professional who works with individuals who are psychiatric meds I can tell you he probably can not get a job or insurance (obama-bama) so he ran out of meds and psych patients without their medications will do things even they have no control over. Next time, before you go off, get some knowledge or go educate yourself. Mental illness is a REAL THING.

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