Dog jumps into Hummer, refuses to come out

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SAN DIEGO — A dog jumped into an Encanto man’s Hummer SUV Sunday night and refused to get out or let the owner back in.

Christopher Saldana was unloading chairs from the vehicle in the 6400 block of Madrone Avenue Sunday at about 10:30 p.m. When he came out of the house where he delivered the chairs, he noticed a tan boxer in the Hummer.

“The dog was in the car. That was crazy. We were like, ‘Where did this dog come from?’,” Saldana said. “We figured he was probably thirsty or hungry or whatever, so we brought him a little bit of treats and water, and he still wouldn’t come out. I tried to bring him a little slice of pizza — who can say no to pizza? — and not even that could take him out of the car. I guess he likes the Hummer.”

Saldana eventually called the police. An officer tried to coax the dog from the SUV, but he decided to call animal control after the dog lunged at him.

Eventually, officers were able to get the dog out of the Hummer and into a patrol car. The animal was taken to a local animal shelter.