$10,000 reward offered for arrest in North Park assaults

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SAN DIEGO -- There is now a big bonus for anyone providing information leading to an arrest in a string of assaults on women in North Park.

San Diego Crimestoppers is partnering with Mark Arabo, president of the Neighborhood Market Association, to offer a $10,000.

Meantime, San Diego Police are investigating 3 cases of sexual assault that happened over the Labor Day weekend.

“I don’t know what that guy would do to me, kill me or rape me, you don’t know in that moment,” said an unidentified woman from the Mission Hills Neighborhood.

The woman told Fox 5 at that moment, she didn’t know whether she would live or die.

“I started feeling this sensation that somebody was touching me,” said the woman.

She didn’t want to reveal her identity fearing her attacker might return. It happened at 1 a.m. Sunday in the 1800 block of Hancock Street. The woman was asleep when someone came in through her front door.

“When I woke up I had this man standing next to me touching me, my private parts,” said the woman.

The woman said she immediately screamed and the suspect ran. Police were still searching Monday.

“There’s no way somebody just walked into my room like that,” said the victim.

The women said a former roommate is targeting her.

“He was coming directly to me to hurt me sent by her I know that for a fact,” said the woman.

At around 8:30 on Saturday evening, another woman was attacked across the street from the UTC shopping center. Police said a 21-year old woman was assaulted as she was walking through a parking lot.

Monday morning, area residents were surprised to hear the news.

“It’s always so nice and peaceful around here,” said Adriana Hernandez. “It’s always really safe and I like the area.”

In North Park, women are on high alert after 6 sexual assaults since June. Flyers are posted on many businesses informing residents of attacks. Several businesses are even offering to walk female customers out to their cars at night.

“It’s a great community effort,” said Lauren Ventura, resident. “But, it doesn’t make me feel completely safe until he’s taken off the streets.”

STORY UPDATED: The reward amount was originally posted as $15,000, but was reduced to $10,000 in order to allow the tipster to stay anonymous due to IRS compliance purposes.


  • Don Lindsay

    Shame on fox 5 San Diego!!
    Just now on fox 5 San Diego, anchor shally zamorodi & a so called ‘doctor singly’ gushing over the abomination of same sex ‘couples’ surrogating to possess children that they cannot create naturally, then discarding the woman, saying that children don’t need a mommy and daddy to be properly raised. These men simply want an accessory to try to make their lifestyle choice look normal, which it is not. They allow this ‘doctor’ to say there is no evidence supporting the need for both parents, except of course that they need a woman to create the child’s life to begin with. They don’t present any opposing views to be aired. This amounts to the same thing as the mengele/nazi human experimentation, some sort of voyeuristic pedophilia on the part of the same sex pairs, forcing defenseless children into the unnatural same sex lifestyle choice, role modeled by sexual deviates. This truly a crime against God and humanity.

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