Tests to consider before pregnancy

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  • Don Lindsay

    Shame on fox 5 San Diego!!
    Just now on fox 5 San Diego, anchor shally zamorodi & a so called ‘doctor singly’ gushing over the abomination of same sex ‘couples’ surrogating to possess children that they cannot create naturally, then discarding the woman, saying that children don’t need a mommy and daddy to be properly raised. These men simply want an accessory to try to make their lifestyle choice look normal, which it is not. They allow this ‘doctor’ to say there is no evidence supporting the need for both parents, except of course that they need a woman to create the child’s life to begin with. They don’t present any opposing views to be aired. This amounts to the same thing as the mengele/nazi human experimentation, some sort of voyeuristic pedophilia on the part of the same sex pairs, forcing defenseless children into the unnatural same sex lifestyle choice, role modeled by sexual deviates. This truly a crime against God and humanity.

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