Carmel Valley residents oppose One Paseo project

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SAN DIEGO -- Residents in Carmel Valley stormed into the theater at Canyon Crest Academy to protest a planned development called One Paseo.

The Kilroy Realty Corporation wants to put in mix-use shopping, commercial and residential area with open spaces, walkways, bike lanes and office space.

Some residents who live in the area said it's too much. They said it will ruin their quality of life by bringing more traffic and congestion to the area just off Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real.

"I don't mind One Paseo, but zoning says 510,000 square feet," said resident Dave Wolfson.

Wolfson said developers will exceed zoning limits by almost a million square feet.

While a large portion of the residents are opposed to the project, some do like it. Carol Klein has been living in the area since 1996 and she welcomes the changes.

"I am most definitely looking forward to being able to walk to a facility that will have retail, restaurants, entertainment that will benefit the residents," said Klein.

The San Diego City Council is expected to vote on the project by the end of the year. If approved, ground will be broken a few months thereafter.


  • Carmel Valley RESIDENT

    I understand that in an attempt to generate a piece of unbiased journalism you need to include a quote from the Proponents as well as the Opponents, but how do you not mention that 95% of the ~700 people there were in attendance were VEHEMENTLY against the scale of the project, and that clearly the majority of the 5% “in support” of the project were either Kilroy employees and their families or building industry friends. One speaker even admitted he did not live in Carmel Valley (and appeared to be looking for a job). Another WAS a Kilroy employee. When they called out the opponents names that submitted for the opportunity to speak, it seemed like a) most were names one would recognize from the Building Industry Association roll call b) 99% of them weren’t even present…the Board struggled to keep reading names to try and find a speaker. Total farce.

  • Too Big

    Kilroy spokesperson says that a small but very vocal opposition group is funded by the Del Mar Highlands Shopping Center. What a load of total corporate BS! 4,000 residents have signed a petition requesting a smaller mixed-use development by Kilroy Realty. The PR person is well-paid by a corporation called Kilroy Realty, Inc. to misrepresent the feelings of our community. Where does she live? I have lived here from 11 years and in San Diego for 31 years. I have never been paid by any corporation a single penny to oppose dense development. Both assertions by her are patently false. The opposition is much larger than the mere 4,000 residents that have already signed the petition to limit the size and density of the proposed project.

    Kilroy hires astroturfers and shills, offering special dispensation to certain businesses as prospective tenants, I have heard. We all know that the revolving door approach by hiring the notorious former head of the San Diego Development Services Department was used by Kilroy Realty, Inc. Add the slick and not-so-honest PR campaign, and you will understand that thousands of residents such as myself have opposed this project for principled environmental and urban planning motives, namely that it will generate more automobile traffic without providing infrastructure such as public parks, public transportation, public libraries. It is 100% automobile-dependent.

  • clk

    Ths is a very small and quiet neighborhood, all homes; families with kids in local schools. This project is TOO HUGE for the area, the roads cannot handle any more traffic. Kilroy’s fancy suits support it, but DO NOT LIVE here. Anyone living in the area already knows the traffic congestion from the extended Fair and the extended Race days. ( June through November annually). The adjoining 14 lane wide freeweay is solid bumper to bumper every day.
    There are many schools in our neighborhood, kids walking everywhere.. It is would not be safe, the emergency crews cannot get put of their station with the congestion already here. This land was zoned for office buildings and should not use used for a HUGE MEGA Mall. This is not L.A. or Orange County. The development company is offering millions of dollars to the city; really buying their way in yet; our roads and small neighborhood cannot handle it.
    We do not want a tacky sign hanging over Del Mar Hts Rd; “Carmel Valley”… no way!!
    Please listen to all of us who own business, homes, have kids in schools, enjoy the neighborly feeling of this small area. Read the corporate website and see that not one word is mentioned about : community; people; etc. It is all cold business.
    Oppose this project.
    Listen to people who have made their lives and invested here. Please say NO!

  • clk

    “Community members have independently asked the Fire-Rescue Department to analyze whether the additional traffic associated with the proposed One Paseo development in Del Mar Heights will have a negative impact on emergency unit response times,” The Fire Cheif said:
    “The answer to this question is, ‘Yes,’”

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