Questions surround mosque attended by American ISIS fighter

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SAN DIEGO -- Before leaving the United States to join Islamic militants in Syria, Douglas McCain reportedly was a member of religious establishment in San Diego.

McCain supposedly went to the mosque at the Masjid An-Nur Center in City Heights.

Ben Kalasho, president of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce, expressed his concerned over what role the mosque may have played in radicalizing McCain.

“We need to figure out exactly if he was a regular,” said Kalasho. “If [he was] that mosque needs to be shut down.”

An official with the mosque, who wouldn’t go on camera, told Fox5 McCain didn’t attend regularly.

“Overtime they’re radicalized and that can happen at schools, it can happen in prisons, it can happen at mosques,” said FBI special agent Darrell Foxworth.

A multi-agency task force is constantly looking for leads and tips to prevent terrorist activity in San Diego, but Foxworth won’t confirm nor deny if they are in fact investigating this mosque.

The FBI is currently looking for another man fighting alongside terrorists who also lived in San Diego.

Jehad Mostafa is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list and is accused of aiding Somali terrorist organization Al-Shabaab.

Kalasho is calling on the local Muslim community to stand up and publicly condemn ISIS for its brutal killings of religious minorities in the Middle East.

“Where are the moderate Muslims? Why aren’t they publicly condemning ISIS?” Kalasho said.


  • Jay Burgener

    Multiculturalism is looking like a failure. Due to the fact that we allow these types of people to thrive and protect their right to believe in whatever they want to. Even if what they believe is that they want to turn the entire world into this Islamic enslavement . Sharia law.
    The biggest problem here goes to the saying that in order for evil to persist in this world. Does not require more evil. But only that good people stand by silently and say or do nothing to help stop the evil.
    Radical Islam will NEVER be done away with. Since the so called peaceful Muslims stand by and say or do nothing to prevent these people from formulating this idea that the rest of us are all infidels and must either submit to their faith. Or die!!!
    Where are the atheists picketing mosques ? Having rally’s and protests against Islam.
    They line up and file lawsuit after lawsuit against Christians. Who last time I checked. Have never suicide bombed a cafe full of innocent people.
    When is the world going to wake up and start realizing this.
    Peaceful Muslims need to realize and understand one thing.
    If you are not with the rest of the world trying to root these evil bastards out and get rid of them and their warped delusional idea that we all deserve to die if we don’t submit to the Muslim faith.
    There is no middle ground here. Your either with us in protecting EVERYONES FREEDOM.

  • bullshit

    This report is so stupid 1. why pick 1 guy from mosque and call him animal obviously has personal hatred against muslim’s especially being Chaldean he has no representation especially being all way in El Cajon. You could have as well asked Hobo what he thinks about mosque radicalizing people he will give you same response. 2. This ISIS thing has been overblown I don’t know why what’s chances of someone running into member very low.

  • lihartke

    ANY mosque that reqruits and supports the “call to Jihad”: should be CLOSED and the IMAMS SHOULD BE EXPORTED BARE MINIMUM. We need these mosques to know they will be SHUT DOWN if there are aANY INDICATORS of any such activity and I would say this MOSQUES HAS SERIOUS IDICATORS. So, SHUT IT DOWN

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