Nurse accused of molesting 2-month-old newborn

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SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego pediatric nurse faces federal charges for repeatedly molesting a 2-month-old foster baby placed in his care, the FBI said Wednesday.

FBI agents arrested Michael Williams Lutts, 50, on Tuesday at his home on the 4900 block of Tierra Baja, while executing a federal search warrant, according to agency spokesman Special Agent Darrell Foxworth. At the home, agents found a cell phone containing images and videos of Lutts performing sexual acts on the infant, Foxworth said.

“The images were very disturbing.” said Foxworth. “During a review of that cell phone they unfortunately found images in the video of Mr. Lutts engaged in sexual molestation of this 2-month-old child that was in his custody.”

Lutts, a foster parent, was given custody of the prematurely born baby on Aug. 4, investigators said. He apparently began document documenting acts of molestation with the cell phone on that date, Foxworth said.

FBI agents identified Lutts while investigating another person accused of distributing child pornography. They determined that Lutz sent child pornography images to the person they were investigating.

Agents searching Lutts residence seized several computers, hard drives, hundreds of CDs and other items containing hundreds of child pornography images and videos, Foxworth said.

Fox 5 has learned that Lutts worked for Kaiser Permanente. The hospital issued a written statement saying, "We are cooperating fully with the authorities during their investigation. We have no information from law enforcement indicating any Kaiser Permanente patients were involved. The employee will not be returning to work pending the outcome of the investigation and any criminal proceedings."

Because of his position as pediatric nurse, the FBI is asking anyone with information or who may have been a victim to come forward.

Lutts was in custody at the federal jail in downtown San Diego.

Investigators said that because Lutts is a pediatric nurse, there may be other victims. Anyone with information about other possible cases involving Lutts was asked to contact the FBI at 858-320-1800.



  • chris

    This story just made me vomit in my mouth. Sickening and twisted on every level imaginable! God help that poor little thing. Fortunately, he will never remember this.

  • Mikey

    Absolutely disgusting on every level just as Chris put it. I had to throw my phone down when I read this.

    Dexter- Handle this one!

  • Scott

    This is horrible.
    Almost as bad is this news organization Fox 5. They can not take the time to proof read the articles they post on line. Get a spell check program. From one journalist to another please read before you post. You look bad.

  • sandra

    I’m having a hard time understanding this picture. Was this a case of single man, with no significant other in his household, allowed to take a baby home without raising so much as a hackle as to the inappropriateness of such an arrangement? I don’t care how much we are trying to look the other way in striving to be PC, you don’t send a child home alone with a man who is not otherwise family because this is what happens. Whoever made this baby accessible to this pervert needs to answer for this.

    • Selina Chavez

      Are you freaking kidding me?? Theres no way you can sit there and HONESTLY say that this monster molested an innocent baby b/c he has no significant other!! He did it b/c hes a sick and disgusting piece of crap!! Theres plenty of men who are capable of taking in children and not molesting them! even if they are not relatives!

    • Peggie

      The fact that he was a single man, home alone, with no significant other has NOTHING at all to do with what he did to this baby. Simply put: He is a monster and when he is locked up…I hope and pray he gets what is coming to him and that there aren’t very many more breathes he is able to take on our tax dollars. There is a place waiting in hell for him.

    • Lynda Garland

      Sandra, there are many new stories where the man has a ‘significant other’, wife, gf, etc. and still commits this type of crime. Sometimes the SO joined in the crime. How can you possibly think that if a man doesn’t have an SO then he’s at risk to commit this type of crime??

    • Audrey

      I totally agree with Sandra. This is very strange to allow a 2 month old premature baby to go home alone with a man that is not a relative, even if he is a nurse. Yes, there are many instances of women participating in molestation, but the large majority of these cases are commited by men alone with the child. Women doing this are the exception not the rule. Yes there are many decent men out there, but there are so also many, many men that wear a mask of being normal, and are very sick and sexually deviant. People would be shocked if they realized just how many there are, and they seem like normal nice guys. I have seen this in my work for 20 years. Many men hide a secret side they never show anyone. Strange men should never be left alone with a child. Even male relatives cannot be trusted half the time. It is naive to think otherwise. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes. This poor little child who already had 2 strikes against it, being premature and then without parents to love it, is delivered into the hands of a child molester. A 2 month old baby is so fragile, especially premature, they can’t even support their own heads or turn over. They sleep most of the time and are only awake a few hours at a time. They need constant care. Just picture this man hurting this tiny helpless baby and tell me he shouldn’t be killed. That is kinder than he deserves. There is no rehabilitation for someone who could do something like this. There are so many more out there, so I’m sorry if any nice men are offended, but we have to protect the innocent not worry about being PC or hurting feelings.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even comprehend this shit!!!! I just don’t understand! I hope he rots in hell! This man deserves too die!!!!!!! Sick MF!

  • Gail

    I searched the web for any information on the condition of this baby. I just needed to know he’s o.k. I didn’t find anything. This hideous monster cannot get bail. FYI: The next sexual revolution will be squared off in the arena of paedophilia. They have academics, psychologists, and doctors defending their disease as normal. They are right now lobbying to remove paedophilia from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases. Please just Google “Time to normalize paedophilia” They want to desensitized the term paedophile and replace it with Minor Attracted Person. The push for child rights is also entangled with this. Please people we cannot live in a society that becomes accustomed to garbage. We must speak out and get off our butts and become civic minded and active. Make sure laws and culture align with our children’s welfare. God bless.

  • Lynne Smith

    I am sick watching this, I am so frustrated with our legal system, they tell us to be vigilant with our children, and watch for strangers, yet they set predators free to roam, and hand off children to people like they are puppies! What the Hell???? We need to fire them all, and start fresh, maybe if we remove this political correctness from our society, this kind of crap wouldn’t happen!!!!! I am so mad I could spit, we are just being thrown to the wolfs, there is no protection….. Don’t kid yourselves.

  • Marjorie

    I suspect that this is not a first offense, such aberrant behavior would have other manifestations. A creep, is a creep, is a creep–we need the courage to stand up and call him a creep. Anyone who would abuse any child, much less a newborn does not deserve to walk the earth.

  • Robin

    Yes, it is less likely to happen if a SO is present. How can you think otherwise? It it a lot easier to molest when you are alone. A man that doesn’t have a wife or SO that wants to take a baby home alone does need extra scrutiny. Good guys will understand. It is not that common for men that are alone to take in babies that aren’t theirs.

  • Daniel Castro

    First Kaiser owns the public a explanation on how this piece of trash got hired in the first place, forgive me if I get off the topic but I’m so pissed off , this grown ugly piece of shit molested a innocent baby, it doesn’t get any worst then this! how dose Kaiser hire their nurses, please tell me they get their nursing license’s here in the United States and not at some second rate foreign college where nursing licensees can be had for the right amount of cash, listen up people, if you think this doesn’t happen think again and think hard because it dose!!, It should be LAW that every nurse that works in a hospital in the United States should have to be certified in the United States PERIOD!!!!!,this loop hole that so many nurses use to get hired has to stop now! The written statement that Kaiser Permanente issued saying before this animal goes back to working at this hospital a investigation has to be completed, did I read right, are they saying that this monster may still have his job, what happens if some loop hole frees this asshole, is Kaiser telling the public that all will be normal again, Kaiser get real , in your statement you say no Kaiser patients were involved, you’re right, no patients just one of you’re damn employees, don’t come at us with that “one bad apple” bullshit,in a hospital, around peoples loved ones, one is way to many!!!!, especially when little lives are involved, any lives really!! I’m hopeful Kaiser dose a investigation on there hiring practices, whomever is hiring employees for this hospital needs to be investigated. Check there hiring practices, who are they hiring, are they really checking these people out or are they hiring there friends and family. In closing my heart goes out to this little angel, its not bad enough the poor baby was already behind the “eight ball” (Foster Baby),but to be put through this is enough to bring tears to my eyes, the human race, GOD have mercy on us.

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