Former SD City College student killed while fighting for ISIS

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SAN DIEGO -- A former San Diego man who traveled to Syria by way of Turkey to fight with ISIS was killed as part of its effort to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad, CNN reported Tuesday.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, was found with a U.S. passport and $800 in a pocket, according to published reports. Members of his family confirmed it was him, NBC News reported.

Douglas McAuthur McCain

Douglas McAuthur McCain

McCain had been calling himself “Duale ThaslaveofAllah.'' His Facebook page says he worked for the nonprofit Dawah-Calling to Allah and studied at San Diego City College.

The San Diego Community College District confirmed he had attended the community college but declined to say more.

McCain was born in Chicago and grew up in Minnesota, according to his Facebook page.

ISIS, short for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is seeking to establish a government based on Shariah law.

An ISIS fighter with a British accent cut off the head of American journalist James Foley last week.


  • wow

    This guy is not only a traitor, he’s an idiot. That’s the best name he could think of “dual, the slave of Allah”. What a real ignorant narcissist and naive to follow a group of extremist that doesn’t care or respect any ideology except extreme violence, especially to the muslim community. HE DESERVED TO DIE THE WAY HE DID….and I agree….he should not be buried in U.S. soil because he is a traitor.

    • Jim

      Well, if he IS buried here, I will be sure to bring my dog to the grave, where my dog can leave his “condolensces.” I shall also “water” the grass around his grave with a bucket of pigs blood as I remember the women and children his group buried alive and the fathers they beheaded..

  • Fred

    Hmmm…..didn’t we have the 9/11 terrorist who were on American Soils illegally living here in San Diego???? Hmmmm, I wonder where the illegal alien ISIS is living in the United States now?

  • Eric

    2o of them were mistaken for undocumented Mexicans running a boat on to Mission Bay beach the other day…. it has begun..

  • Logic1

    I don’t get why you’re all mad, lol he was fighting the Syrian government who America wants gone too. He’s not fighting Americans, FYI our government SUPPORTS The anti Assad rebels with their WEAPONS! Idiots.

    • jel

      I can belive we live Whit terrorists around where is our security sistem the inteligence deparment? We have the terroristas here in our country I cannt belive.

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