CSUSM students rally for safe campus

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. – Students at California State University, San Marcos demanded action from the university regarding recent allegations of sexual assault.

Two dozen students from the group Feminists Anonymous marched in front of Kellogg Library Tuesday morning in an effort to get other students to rally behind their cause.

“We want to send a clear message that if this happens the university is going to respond,” said Karen Guzman.

The group wants a response from the university on the recent probe into allegations of sexual assault involving an off-campus fraternity.

CSUSM sent out a crime alert informing students about the May 4 incident. The notice said it happened at an off-campus party hosted by the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. The university also said it received reports of additional incidents involving TKE members on or near the campus. At least one incident involved date rape drugs.

“I’ve seen signs around campus,” one student said.

Students who spoke to Fox 5 said they are aware of the situation and some are even taking precautions.

“After hearing that for the first time, I’m kind of nervous walking to my car,” said Rachelle Dauz.

“I probably should start carrying some pepper spray or something,” said Katia Brunson.

“I was at that party and nothing was going on,” said Kaitlin Lee, who said there’s nothing to fear.

“It’s a small house, we would have known if something like that was happening,” said Lee. “All my best friends are TKE, I know those guys well.”

When it comes to the accusations of sexual assault, Lee said she just doesn’t believe it.

“To say that it’s a specific person or group before you have any hard evidence is really unprofessional of the school and all the authorities,” said Lee.

CSUSM said Tau Kappa Epsilon has not been recognized as a student organization since 2005 as a result of underage drinking. TKE is recognized as a national fraternity.

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  • Tommy Swiss

    Welcome to the new People’s Republic of California (PRC.) The higher education in the “bronze” state will not be happy until they dictate who you can have sex with and how you can have sex with them (see SB967.) According to the failed state of California, you are guilty until proven innocent. Constitutional due process laws are so last century.

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