Battle over minimum wage turns nasty

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SAN DIEGO – The gloves are coming off in the battle of raising San Diego’s minimum wage. On Monday, supporters gathered to show a video of what they said were petitioners misleading the voters.

Former State Assemblywoman Lori Saldana had an issue with what the petitioners were saying to turn voters against the minimum wage hike.

Minimum Wage SupportersWhat we are hearing are deceptive misleading stories,” said Saldana. “They’re coming from out of state and they’re being paid over $2 per signature.”

Jason Roe with the San Diego Small Business Coalition showed Fox 5 video of a petitioner being stalked by what he called “a paid union thug.”

“They also have paid people out and they’re harassing folks,” said Roe. “They’ve got union thugs, bullies, harassers out there yelling, stealing, and harassing.”

Roe said he wants to confirm whether the petitioners are with the coalition’s effort, but he said the message they send out is very clear.

“There’s a one strike policy, if you intentionally mislead someone to get a signature you’re done,” said Roe.

Petitioner Steve Langal was in front of a Clairemont grocery store Monday talking to customers coming out of the store.

“Help us repeal the city council’s deal. Let the voters decide the minimum wage,” Langal said.

He said he understands the passion from both sides, but it’s about letting voters decide.

“I’m not misleading, because I tell the truth. All I’m saying is what this whole petition is about,” said Langal.

Petitioners have 30 days to gather 33,866 signatures. If the signatures are gathered, it would trigger a referendum on the increase either in the next citywide election in June of 2016, or in a separate special election called by the City Council.


  • Frustrated

    Just about every petition gatherer for all the propositions, etc getting put on ballots get paid. Alot of them also mislead you to get your signature. This isn't anything new or just with this particular proposition. The misleading signature gatherer's have frustrated me for a while.

  • Fred

    We all signed, we are not going to pay for higher prices in service and goods, so City Council who makes millions can feel good about themselves. If the Council wanted to do something they would of petitioned the Feds and the State to drop income taxes on the poor.

  • David Redden

    What many of the people that are in favor of the increase in minimum wage don’t know or understand is that the pay scale in many Union Positions call for the pay for that position to be a multiple of the minimum wage. Let’s say a union welder is paid 5 times the minimum hourly wage. If that wage is $8.00 per hour then our welder is making $40.00 per hour. If our $8.00 per hour employee gets a $2.00 per hour wage then our welder also got a $10.00 per hour raise. Was it our intent to give the welder a $10.00 per hour raise? I really don’t think it was but this will be the unintended consequences of a raise in the minimum wage. How much will the price of a hamburger have to go up to cover the new minimum wage? Not that much to cover the extra $2.00 per hour, but quite a bit to cover the wages of all the other people who’s income is directly related to the sale of that hamburger.

  • AB

    In my life i’ve never seen it help to raise the minimum wage. Everything else just goes up to pay it and no gain is achieved in the long run. Minimum wage jobs require very little skill. Expecting to be paid more than ‘minimum wage’ for a job that takes an hour or less to learn is ludicrous! There are hundreds of people that will take your place. To earn big money learn a skill that takes time to learn! Go for it!

  • Lynne mikulka

    I went through this, after they raised min wage my boss let everyone go but me, then for .50 more I worked for 3 and chicken went up, this was a poor neighborhood no,no,no

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