Accused serial child molester speaks out

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SAN DIEGO – Accused fugitive child molester Timothy Wayne Faudree maintained his innocence Thursday during an interview from jail, a day after the  57-year-old was captured aboard his sailboat in Mission Bay by US Marshals and Harbor Police.

“I know for a fact I’ve done nothing wrong,” Faudree said. “I’ve lost everything. I’m done.”

“I just happen to look up and I saw these guys with their guns drawn and yelling to me to get off the boat and freeze,” Faudree said. “I did and I told them I’m not going to cause any problems.”

The Army veteran was wanted on suspicion of multiple counts of having sex with a young girl under 14 in Marion County, Indiana. Authorities had issued an arrest warrant for him on August first, but could not find him.

“I never ever touched the girl inappropriately in any way, ” he said. ” If I thought there was something cooking, I would have went to Mexico. I would have run. But I’m not guilty. I have no reason to run.”

Faudree said he traveled to San Diego by train and arrived on May 9. He said he bought his sailboat, nicknamed “Cookie Monster,” on May 12. He admitted having a long criminal history, including felony charges for growing marijuana and possessing drug paraphenalia. And he said when Indiana detectives confronted him with the molestation allegations in January, he asked to take a polygraph exam.

“I walked out of the of the room. The detectives told me ‘good job’ and took me back to my home. I thought everything was find and never thought about it until yesterday.”

He said he came to California to be closer to his daughter, who is in the Navy and to his grandchildren. Before he gets sent back to the Midwest, he is praying for a miracle. “I’d love to see them,” he said. “I would love to hug them and tell them I love them.”

Faudree also said he battled a cocaine addiction for 20 years and turned to religion to try to get on the right track. Unfortunately, it appears to have not worked.

“My life is over. This is going to haunt me one way or another, he said.” It’s going to take me down. I just don’t have the strength anymore.”

Faudree is being held on $125,000 bail and will appear at a hearing Friday at San Diego Superior Court.


  • Alice

    It is amazing, they are all innocent, the courts must be totally messed up to send all these poor innocents to prison.

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