Local Iraqis rally against ISIS

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EL CAJON, Calif. — Hundreds of Iraqi refugees hit the streets of El Cajon Tuesday calling attention to the gruesome violence against Christians in Iraq.

“You take a look around and every individual here either has a family member, an uncle and aunt a sister, a brother, everybody is affected,” said one demonstrator.

The mass of people marched the streets of El Cajon and prayed to spread awareness of what they say is an on going effort to wipe out Christians in Iraq by Islamic Militants, also known as ISIS.

One woman, speaking in Chaldean, said she has cried so much, she’s run out of tears because her sister is one of half a million Iraqi Christians who have fled their homes in Northern Iraq, running away from brutal violence from Islamic extremists.

“Children are being beheaded, women are being raped in front of their families,” said Chaldean community organizer Allan Theweny. “It’s a genocide.”

The United States has continued military air strikes to end the advancement of these militants.

The marchers said the US should do more.

The local Chaldean community is now working with the United Nations to help Christians flee Iraq and grant them refugee status.


  • Dante

    Chaldeans in EC do not integrate with other citizens. While they parade around acting as though they are devout Christians, it was made clear by many callers on a recent radio call in show, many locals do not like Chaldeans and see them as gypsies more than as citizens, much less Christians.

  • Christian

    Your statement that Chaldeans in El Cajon do not integrate with others is invalid. We have been an integral part of the El Cajon community since the 1970's working with others within the community. Furthermore, our walk for peace (not a parade) involved other various ethnicity's such as Caucasian and Latinos. We also reached out to all churches in El Cajon and informed them about the peace walk and welcomed them. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of what you "see", God bless.

    • jugdish

      Hello Christian in name. Most of the liquor stores in East County are Chaldean owned and clerks who are family members working there, wear their big gold Crucifix on the neck, and yet offer ADULT material in their stores. Is that Christian? It is called " Christian in NAME only."
      When the radio host opened up the phone lines, to ask listeners about the local Chaldean people, nearly 90% of callers said Chaldeans were rude and
      had no interest in making friends with non Chaldeans. As to this march,
      again, you want attention for " YOUR " cause.

  • Greg

    I live in El Cajon and have found the Chaldeans to be likable people, unlike some Mexicans and Blacks. The Chaldeans come here open businesses, their children go to school and they get off welfare as soon as they can, unlike some Mexicans and Blacks and Whites.

    • Maxwell

      Quite the contrary. While blacks might remain on welfare, they are not alone. Most Mexicans have no interest in welfare and get off it ASAP. Most are devout Christians, aka Catholics. My sister worked for 20 years as a welfare case worker and knows the truth.

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