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Mom pushes for traffic lights in Coronado after son’s brain injury

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CORONADO, Calif. – The mother of a boy severely injured after getting hit by a car in Coronado plans to sue the city, citing the excessive speeding traffic on the roads leading to the Coronado bridge.

Frankie Slattery, 15, was riding his bike across the intersection of 4th Street and B Avenue when he was hit by a car. He suffered an epidural hematoma, a type of traumatic brain injury, from the collision.

Slattery injury

Frankie Slattery recovers in the hospital after getting hit by a car in Coronado.

His mother, Quelene Slattery, told Fox 5 she plans to sue the city, even though her son was found to have been at fault in the accident.

“I dragged my poor son with 40 staples in his head into their council meeting to show them,” she said. “There is nothing that constrains the traffic between Orange Avenue and the bridge. Then you see the highest speeds during peak hours and the speed builds as people approach the bridge.”

“I hope they add stoplights. They’ve got to fix the problem before someone dies.” said Quelene Slattery.

A consulting firm has been hired to come up with three proposals to include variations with traffic signals, elevated cross walks and speed bumps.

“You could have signals progressively up and down 3rd and 4th streets,” said John Tato, a member of the Coronado’s Transportation Committee. “It would help to slow down the traffic by synchronizing signals and it also will open up opportunity for pedestrians to cross it.”

Tato said they are tasked with trying to find a solution to a problem that has divided the community.

“While it might serve a greater good, people who live in proximity to signals are often unhappy about that prospect,” Tato said.

Those residents fear the slowed traffic will back up in front of their homes and decrease their property values.

“I don’t want a four-way signal on my corner because of the pollution,” said local resident Mona Kelley.

If any changes would happen to 3rd and 4th streets between Coronado Bridge to Naval Base San Diego, Caltrans needs to be involved, because the streets are actually state highways.

According to the attorney for Slattery family, Coronado is liable since it’s not illegal to cross the streets, just hazardous.

The consulting firm will continue to gather information form residents through a public survey and then submit their proposal to the city in October.


  • Johnnybbaby

    Her kid is at fault and she is suing the City. If people are driving over the posted speed limit, how is it the City's fault. Was he wearing a helmet?

  • Someone

    Fuck that mom…She's just seeing a chance to milk the city out of money for her stupid kid being an idiot…How about teach your kid to look both ways before darting out into oncoming traffic.

  • Christopher Till

    Coronado residents are worried about their property values?! How do they think it will look for their property values when the realtors HAVE TO disclose that several children/person (let alone one) were killed in front of their house? Whatever the city of Coronado does to try to resolve the speed issue on the main drag, they will have to do to Strand Way and Glorietta Blvd. Residents won’t want pedestrian bridges cluttering up their view and some traffic won’t slow down for speed bumps nor drainage ditches. Speed on Orange Ave was an issue even when I lived in Imperial Beach, for 21 years, as a child (Navy brat).

  • itsonlyeye

    Um, sad to see the little boy hurt but HE WAS AT FAULT…if he hadn't been in the street he wouldn't have gotten hit right?????

  • Nate

    wow some of the comments here are appalling! clearly none of you live in Coronado & are aware of this very REAL & very SERIOUS issue. That intersection at 4th & B is VERY dangerous! The cars come around a blind turn, & pedestrians can't really see if traffic is coming or not & cars are speeding so fast, they can not see the pedestrians either. When cars are speeding (which is VERY typical) they come around that bend very fast & that is how this kid was hit. I myself have almost been hit by cars at that SAME INTERSECTION. The cars have NO REGARD for pedestrians at all. The traffic never stops. You sit there and wait and wait for a clearing to cross, but then out of nowhere a speeding car come zooming around the bend. What can you do??
    The fact the these residence are worried about the STUPID property value of their dumb homes??!!! Are you kidding me???!!! They dont want anything to "clutter" their views??!!! Seriously??!! Coronado does not have a good system to control the flow of traffic. Something needs to change ASAP. Someone WILL end up being killed there. This was not the KID being neglectful. This was not the KIDS fault!! I challenge ANY OF YOU to try and cross at that particular intersection & experience what it is like before you assume "if the kid was not in the street he would not have been hit!!" That is the dumbest nonsense!!

    • James

      I have a much better idea: If you know of a dangerous intersection in your neighborhood, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN NOT TO CROSS THERE!!! I grew up a block off of El Cajon Blvd., a very large and dangerous road for kids on bikes. My mom wouldn't let us ride our bikes there AT ALL. I now live in the beach community and I've taught my family not to ride their bikes on the big busy streets. It's common sense! It sucks the kid got hit, but teach him to go TWO BLOCKS away and he's crossing at 4th and Orange Ave, a street with NICE SAFE crosswalks and red lights.

  • Rob

    how come they are suing the city when they are state highways, shouldn't this ambulance chasing attorney be taking on the state?

  • Brad

    Hey Nate — There is no blind turn at 4th and B! It's a straight shot, dude! Maybe you don't live in Coronado.

    This is a CALTRANS issue, as CALTRANS owns 4th Street. This was an accident and probably the kid's fault.

    • Jimmy

      He's probably thinking of 3rd and B. That is sort of a blind curve. But I agree with other people – go to Orange Avenue and cross there. It's crazy to me that people even think about trying to cross three lanes of traffic on 3rd and 4th west of Orange.

  • Parent Better

    Lived in Coronado as a child, living on the 300 block of B Avenue. Right between 3rd and 4th. I never once crossed those streets, because my parents taught me better. I rode my bike up the 2 blocks and crossed at the light. It is the parents responsibility to teach their child right from wrong. It is their responsibility to make sure their kid is safe. I’m sorry, but just because you can’t control your brat teenager doesn’t mean you have the right to sue. Not to mention he was at fault!!!

  • anna

    The boy wan't wearing a helmet, but had it on his bike. He most likely wouldn't have been as hurt if he had actually been wearing it. It's unfortunate but that street is a major thoroughfare and he could have safely crossed at the light which is only 2 blocks away.

  • Linda R Bailey

    Wow! Let me get this straight. This woman is suing the city that saved her son's life? And he freely admits he was in the wrong? Talk about opportunistic. I sure hope I'm on the jury.

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