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Ferguson fatal shooting raises questions about police body cameras

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body-camerasSAN DIEGO — The officer involved shooting in Ferguson doesn’t just have many people angry, but also confused, mainly because no one seems to know what really happened.

But would it be a different story if the officer involved had been wearing a body camera?

“A camera is going to give you a perspective, if there was a struggle then you’re going to see it,” said San Diego Police Officer, Brian Marvel, with the San Diego Police Officers Association.

The San Diego Police Department is currently in the process of equipping every single one of its officers with body worn cameras.

“I think when people get on camera they act a lot different,” stressed Marvel.

It’ll also provide officers with a record, filled with details that could become crucial in cases of alleged abuse of force.

A tool many believe would’ve been useful to investigators in the shooting death of the unarmed teenager Michael Brown, by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

But the technology does come with concerns.

For Marvel, the footage from the cameras, considered by many to be public record, could do more harm than good, leading many to jump to faster conclusions before anyone is proven guilty.

“It’s important to remember, the camera is just one more tool in a variety of tools used to determine the totality of the circumstances,” Marvel added.

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