Church group talks border crisis

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SAN DIEGO–  Members of the United Church of Christ of La Mesa gathered Sunday to discuss immigration issues and children.

Dozens of people listened to speaker Enrique Morones of the Border Angels. The conversation was called “50,ooo and Counting: A border crisis discussion.”

“It is 70,ooo children that should not be in this situation and we are working in on,” Morones passionately told the crowd.

Border AngelAttendees believe information gathered at the meeting will lead to action.

“I think I might go to some of the events that he mentioned like going to the cemetery in El Centro,” said David Johns, a church member.

The meeting was planned by church members after buses full of undocumented immigrations from central America were turned away from Murrieta in July.  Protestors met the buses several times concerned that the country does not have the resources to care for the influx of children coming across the border.

“I think it is safe to say there are children out there that need help and we want to find out what we can do to help,” said Mary Mikkelson.

Church members also say they will pray for a solution that people on both sides of the issue can agree on.

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