Study: 10% of SDUSD high school girls attempted suicide

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SAN DIEGO — One out of every 10 high school girls and seven high school boys within the San Diego Unified School District have tried to kill themselves, according to a study released by the Alliance Healthcare Foundation.

Mental health experts said the unfortunate truth of the statistics mimic pretty much any school district.


Depression and suicidal thoughts are fairly common

Stan Collins of the San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council would not address the Alliance Healthcare Foundation study, only to say that it’s a sign that it’s never too early for parents to discuss suicide with their children, since suicidal tendencies tend to evolve in the early teenage years.

“I do think it’s an opportunity there to start young and educate them about mental health, educated them about warning signs and how to respond,” said Collins.

The numbers of people calling suicide prevention hot lines is up due to the recent suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams.

“His passing has definitely brought it to the forefront… he seemed to have it all, but with mental health and suicide it doesn’t matter how rich, poor you are or what background you come from, it affects people of all backgrounds,” said Collins.

Collins also recommends looking for signs such as talk of suicide, no sense of purpose, withdrawn personality, anxiety and the need to give personal belonging away. He suggests calling for help because there’s plenty available.

A good place to start is with the Crisis Prevention Hotline at 888-724-7240.

The San Diego Unified School District told Fox5 News it did not have the personnel on hand to speak about the study.


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