3 wanted for vandalizing American flags

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vandalismOCEANSIDE — Authorities asked the public Thursday for help in identifying three youths who defaced American flags in a senior housing neighborhood near Emerald Isle Golf Course.

The vandals spray-painted the three flags — writing “(expletive) USA” on one of them — and damaged other private and public property on Mesa Drive and Rosemary Way in Oceanside late on the evening of July 18, according to police. A surveillance camera captured images of the crimes, Lt. Leonard Cosby said.

The perpetrators, two males and a female, appeared to be Hispanics between 16 and 20 years old, dressed in dark-colored clothing. The boys or young men were wearing baseball caps, one with a Baltimore Orioles logo on it, the other with a rendition of a marijuana leaf on the left side.

Anyone with information about the crimes was asked to call Oceanside police at 760-435-4682.


  • Mikey

    Let these illegal pieces of sh*t into our country and to show their gratitude hey deface the flag that houses their Mexican a**.

    Put them all back on a bus back to Mexico!

  • Enough!

    The youth of our day is a true sign of the times. If you have any question on what the future brings, look no further than the youth of America today. Sad, but true… When these little punks are caught, they should be tried by a jury and if found guilty (pay full restitution and if found in the country illegally, shipped to the furthest point of the country of origin). They are lucky someone didn't catch them in the act, could of been there last act of vandalism of the American flag…

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