Powerful video may change the way you feed your child

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ATLANTA – An anti-obesity video gives a sneak peek into what life could be like for an adult who learns unhealthy eating habits early in life.

It points out how parents play a big part in their children’s eating habits and a how a series of lifestyle choices over time can lead to obesity.

The public service announcement was originally posted by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on YouTube in 2013 and recently went viral.



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  • CATT

    People are so stupid. I'm one of the Boomers and the junk food started with us, pretty much. Formula, jarred baby food, crap baby rice cereal. Then during the 50's I recall the junk introduced on the market, the "sugar" breakfast foods, hamburger helper, etc. My mother was smart enough that she didn't fall for most of it. When I was raising my children I began to notice the advent of "kid food." What in the world is that, except the ultimate in junk? I bought from health food markets, cooked from scratch and only fed my children wholesome food. I follow this program, myself, to this day. Why would anyone follow a program that was dictated by the child? Give them a variety of fruits, veges, meats and they will pick out what they want and need at that given time. When you only offer 1 or 2 items, naturally they are going to fuss. Be imaginative; not stifled, be creative; not lazy. Good god, people, these are your children! Do right by them! Educate yourselves!

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