Local Chaldeans happy with U.S. airstrikes in Iraq

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RANCHO SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Dr. Noori Barka’s niece and her family are on the run in Iraq fleeing the Isis terrorists who are threatening to kill people unless they become Muslims.

Dr. Noori Barka

Dr. Barka is happy about U.S. air strikes in Iraq

Dr. Barka, who is President of CALBIOTECH in Spring Valley and is a Chaldean community leader in San Diego, worries for his niece and many others who have been forced to leave their homes.

He says it’s about time the U.S. got involved and hit back at the terrorists who are targeting Christians like the Chaldeans and other minorities in Iraq.

“We have a moral obligation, we are a country that believes in religious freedom, this is our core belief in America, we have to act on it, I was very upset we weren’t doing anything, hopefully we start acting because you’ll see what happens, it’s unbelievable,” said Dr. Barka.

Dr. Barka believes the U.S. should also ask Turkey to open its borders and allow Chaldean refugees to set up camp where it will be easier to get them help.

San Diego has the second largest concentration of Chaldeans outside Iraq. The Detroit area being the first.


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    A story on Chaldeans, and you can't find more than one man to interview? Nothing wrong with Dr. Barka or his views, but there's a lot wrong with calling this journalism. You could have walked in to the Rancho San Diego Starbucks at three o'clock and met a dozen people. You would have had an actual story.

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