BOOM! Casting Call

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If you’re the type of person who loves game shows and plays along from your living room, this could be your chance!

Grab two of your trivia-loving friends and audition to be a contestant on BOOM!, the new action-packed game show coming to FOX! You and your teammates could win up to $500,000! But it’s not that easy.

You’ll have to answer increasingly challenging trivia questions while diffusing larger and larger slime-filled ticking time bombs. Get the questions right within the time limit, and you’ll move on to the next round, but one incorrect answer and BOOM! You’ll be showered with anything from guacamole to mashed potatoes and you’ll be out for your team. If you’re fun, outgoing, and good under pressure, this could be your moment to shine and take home a life-changing prize.

If interested email or call 323-822.7389 to make an appointment!