Qualcomm hosts science camp for young girls

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SAN DIEGO – Thirty sixth grade girls around San Diego were selected to participate in a 2-week technology camp in an effort to promote interest in the computer science careers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.26.18 PMAs part of a global program called  Women Enhancing Technology, aims to increase the number of girls and women in engineering and science by inspiring them when they are young.

Research shows that kindergarten boys and girls start off interested in the sciences equally, but girls lose interest over time.

In their middle school years, approximately 74 percent of girls express an interest in engineering, science and math. However, by the time these young women get to college, just 0.3 percent chose computer science as a major.

The program’s curriculum included building a L.E.D jewelry box and a robotics hat and designing apps.

“Its really fun, you get deeper into technology and you learn really cool stuff,” said Oishi Bhattacharya, an aspiring engineer. “You can’t just learn that at school, you learn it at Q-camp.”

“Its more than I expected,” said Avalon Ritchie. “Q-camp has changed my life because instead of learning this stuff later, I am learning it now when I can use it the most.”

The girls are set to graduate the program on Saturday.


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