Identity of man shot by police at Mission Bay released

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De Anza Cove Standoff

SAN DIEGO – A 45-year-old man was receiving hospital care Thursday for a bullet wound he suffered in a police shooting that occurred as he allegedly waved a pistol around at people in Mission Bay Park.

De Anza Cove StandoffLance Tamayo of San Diego called police from the 2800 block of North Mission Bay Drive shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday and told dispatchers he intended to shoot himself, SDPD Sgt. Manuel Del Toro said.

Patrol personnel arrived to find Tamayo sitting in his car in a parking area near De Anza Cove. They contacted him by phone and spoke with him for about 15 minutes before he agreed to surrender. He got out of the vehicle, but soon returned to it and retrieved a loaded 9-mm pistol, the sergeant said.

Tamayo then “pointed his gun recklessly at various people in the park,” at a police helicopter circling overhead and at the nearby officers, prompting one of them to shoot him in the abdomen, Del Toro alleged.

The suspect fell to the ground, but his gun remained within reach and he continued failing to comply with the officers’ commands, Del Toro said. Finally, the personnel were able to subdue him with non-lethal rounds and take him into custody.

Tamayo remained hospitalized Thursday afternoon in critical but stable condition, Del Toro said.

The name of the nine-year SDPD veteran who shot the suspect has not been publicly disclosed.

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  • SerraMesaBill

    Once again another mentally disturbed individual with a gun is in the news. This time it was fortunate for all present in the family park that the Man waving the gun around obviously did not have any intention or desire to hurt any innocent people as it was apparent that he was focus on getting law enforcement attention focused on himself. Regardless it most certainly did create a dangerous situation for everyone present. I noticed a considerable difference in the actions and manner SDPD approached this incident was well organized and human. SDPD actually evaluated this situation and then only fire one clear and accurately targeted round from a rifle ! I can't personally recall any prior instances where SDPD did not respond with a volley of bullets and a dead suspect when a disturbed individual displays a weapon as in this instance. Maybe a burst of rubber bullets could have provided the same results without critically injuring the man but SDPD did in fact demonstrate they have been properly trained to handle these situations with a more positive outcome as they have done here. So in view of the past and in light of the present, today the city has good cause to raise it confidence and trust in San Diego's new Chief of Police.

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