Standoff at De Anza Cove ends in gunfire

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SAN DIEGO — A possibly suicidal man armed with a gun was wounded by police Wednesday near De Anza Cove, authorities reported.

San Diego police received a call at 11:10 a.m. about an armed man sitting in a Toyota Prius who was making threats and comments about killing himself at the campground in Mission Bay.

“[Authorities] actually had the subject’s cell phone number and attempted to negotiate for approximately 15 minutes,” said Lt. Al Guaderrama.

De Anza Cove StandoffPolice offered the man counseling and pleaded with him to surrender.

“At that point, the subject stepped outside was complying with the officer’s commands,” said Guaderrama.  “But, he then turned around went back to his car and grabbed a gun.”

“He was waving it around in circles even at the helicopter,” said Dave Street, resident of the camp ground. “He gets out of the car and starts waving a gun around and points it everybody, including the police.”

“He then started to advance at some of our perimeter officers with the gun held out in direction of our officers,” said the lieutenant.

A 9-year veteran with the San Diego Police Department fired on the suspect, striking him in the upper torso.  He was knocked to the ground, but he continued to move toward the weapon.

“Upon further negotiating with the suspect, a short time later suspect moved away from weapon and taken into custody,” said Guaderrama.

“It was kind of a touchy situation, because of kids a lot of people around here,” said Street.

Street, a former police officer watched the scene from beginning to end.  He called the response of the San Diego police was textbook.

“The cops handled it perfectly and I mean you couldn’t do it better.”

The suspect, who remains unidentified, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  He is expected to live.

Other witnesses at the scene told Fox 5 he was angry because he was recently evicted, but police did not confirm the information.


  • Randy Tovar

    I applaud L.E. for using non lethal tactics in this situation. I know the suspect and his family. I hope he gets the help he needs. Miss you brother.

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