ACLU appeals Escondido rejection of housing for migrant children

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ESCONDIDO, CA — There is a new push to open a detention facility for migrant children in San Diego County.

“The commission’s decision is not substantiated by the facts,” said David Loy, legal director for the San Diego American Civil Liberties Union.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.17.38 PMThe A.C.L.U. is appealing the city of Escondido’s denial of a land use permit to open a housing facility for unaccompanied minors crossing the Mexico border.

South West Key, a federally funded non-profit, wants to run the facility out of a building that used to be a nursing home, off of Avenida del Diablo in Escondido.

“I think it would bring the value down, I think it would make people scared, I’d be scared,” said one resident living near the proposed site.

The city’s planning commission filed a report citing resident’s opposition and their concerns over traffic and property value, which they believe to be enough to deny the land use request.

“The planning commission the decision was based purely on land use,” said Escondido City Mayor, Sam Abed.

But attorneys with the ACLU say city officials haven’t presented enough factual evidence to deny the housing facility, which would provide over 100 new jobs.

“I have strong concerns that whatever the ostensible reasons given they may well have been pretexted for either their own hostility, bias or discrimination or caving into hostility, bias or discrimination on the part of certain segments of the community,” stressed Loy.

“I don’t understand why the A.C.L.U.’s position in getting involved with the land use, I think the ACLU has a political agenda,” said Abed.

The Escondido City Council now has until the end of them month to review and consider the appeal.


  • usmcmoose

    Since when did the ACLU become the "(illegal) Alien Civil Liberties Union"? They need to keep their hands out of this. Its all emotional rhetoric. This issue goes deeper than traffic congestion, local crime, and the like. This is about national security and the precedent being set by this current administration. Kids or no kids…

  • Juan

    Escondido needs to sue the Feds and ACLU, transportation of illegal alien children across state lines prior to seeing a judge is still a Felony, no matter who transports.

  • Daver

    Does the ACLU not know the "A" references AMERICAN….idiots. There is NO WAY I would go to another country and violate their laws, why do we not enforce ours? Daily some, somewhere gets a parking ticket for expired meter bringing in some $50, why expend the energy when we allow aliens into our country to suck thousands from our limited financials? It would take some 500-800 parking tickets to pay for one illegal….makes no sense to me. Why heck, let's put this on the ballot and do as the legal populous make a decision, once and for all.

  • Ron

    Isnt the ACLU….American civil liberties Union? These illegal parasites arent Americans you mother fcking worthless piece of SH*T!!!!

  • Fred

    Esconmexico doesn’t need more Mexicans or OTM’s as the border patrol class them. There’s already about 40,000 of them there. Hey ACLU, why dont you work with AMERICANS, to get rid of thOz illegals first before you try to allow more in?

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