Cop couple was ‘doctor shopping,’ search warrant says

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SAN DIEGO – Newly obtained court documents provide details in the case against married San Diego police officers accused of “doctor shopping,” then illegally selling and administering hydrocodone.

San Diego Sheriff’s drug enforcement deputies arrested Jennifer Charpentier, 41, and her 32-year-old Bryce Charpentier and searched their 4S Ranch home in June.

The search warrant, released on July 15, indicated the couple allegedly sought prescriptions to sell from 12 different doctor’s offices spread across San Diego County.

Married SDPD Officers Arrested During Drug BustAccording to the warrant, Jennifer obtained seven different drugs in 71 prescriptions from seven different doctors and then filled those prescriptions at 17 different pharmacies.

Bryce went as far as Oakhurst, Calif. near Yosemite National Park to fill his prescriptions and used six different doctors and 79 prescriptions, the search warrant alleges.

“What I see is what I see in a lot of cases that people start abusing the prescription process,” said Jan Ronis, a criminal defense attorney. “And that’s certain reprehensible conduct and its one that is going to cost them their job if they prove it.”

The couple used 10 of the same pharmacies, according to the warrant.

Additionally, within hours of bonding out of custody on June 5, Bryce Charpentier was accused of attempting to fill a prescription for Tramadol – a very strong pain killer, according to the documents.

The case came to light after a confidential drug informant alerted investigators that the Charpentiers had supplied the informant with drugs, according to the warrant.

The Charpentiers were charged on June 12 with two felonies each, one for selling and furnishing a controlled narcotic substance and another for possession of firearm by a felon or addict. The criminal complaint against them alleges that the defendants are addicted to opiates.

They have pleaded not guilty to the charges, and deny the accusations.

The couple will be in court for a readiness hearing on August 15 and a preliminary hearing on August 25.

The Charpentiers have also been placed on leave from the San Diego Police Department, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.



  • Anonymous

    Working in the medical field this is one of the main reasons why people who need real care and do not get it is so messed up! Also medical insurance has gotten out if control due to people like this! Not to mention they were police officers makes me sick! Hope they get put away forever… I have no remorse for losers like this!!!!!

  • Diesel

    Not much shopping is required. So many doctors out there give out prescriptions like candy. I know because I work in the workers’ comp field.

  • Anonymous

    Yup it is too bad! My doctors are super strict about giving any prescriptions but I agree there are many docs who will give there patients anything! Maybe they should go to jail too!

  • sugahunny

    Wow…what a couple of winners! They give the already tarnished police officers an even worse name…it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. They'll probably get light fines, maybe some vacation days taken and desk duty for a while! This is the real reason they think they're above the law…no accountability. Seriously though, they need to get help…the drugs mentioned are pretty powerful!

  • Officer Bob

    I would bet they locked up a hundred such persons who did 10% of what they are accused of doing. The judge needs to give them a stiff sentence, if they are convicted.

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