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Chopper the Biker Dog celebrates 5th birthday

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SAN DIEGO – It was a big day in Hillcrest for local celebrity, Chopper the Biker Dog, as dozens of people gathered to celebrate his 5th birthday at the Unleashed by PETCO store.

Since he was 3 months old, Chopper, a certified therapy dog, has endeared himself to the San Diego community by entertaining people of all ages while riding his custom-made Harley-Davidson motorcycle at public events, parades, hospitals and nursing homes.

Chopper the Biker Dog

Chopper the Biker Dog

“Chopper is all about doing positive things in the community. He gives back to people that need it,” said Chopper’s owner Mark Shaffer. “He got on a bike at three months and didn’t want to hop off it. He seemed to love it, ever since I put him on there.”

Chopper has become known worldwide through social media for his tireless and countless hours of volunteering to the community and asking for nothing in return.

“If somebody needs a little something extra, just a little dog to cuddle up with, if we can fit it in, we make it there most of the time to give a little love to somebody,” Shaffer said. The Hillcrest event was also held to help members of the local community. “We’re collecting clothes to give to our homeless veterans. So, we asked all of the party guests to bring some of their old clothes to us.”

The event also helped raise awareness for one of Chopper’s favorite charities. Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego, which brought some of his friends for adoption. The pets have been spayed, neutered and micro-chipped. They have also received the shots they need. And no matter what Chopper does, he is truly a part of the San Diego community that is putting smiles on faces that really need one.

“He’s on his motorcycle all of the time,” Shaffer said. “When he rides into somebody’s hospital room, they light up. He was born to ride, ” Shaffer said.

Chopper the Biker Dog has more than 100,000 followers on Facebook.


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