Man gets death threats after housing migrants

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LOGAN HEIGHTS — A San Diego man thought he was doing the right thing when he opened his home to a migrant family in need; it instead has backfired, as he and his family, now fear for their lives.

Mark Lane says he doesn’t have much of an opinion on the immigration debate.

“I’m not really pro or anti immigration,” he told us as he arranged some sea urchins at his small business, Poppa’s Fresh Fish in Logan Heights.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.00.22 AMBut now Lane finds himself in the middle of the immigration debate.

He told Fox 5 he was compelled by the stories of migrants leaving their countries over violence, so he decided to house a migrant family through the non-profit Border Angels.

“They’re people and they’re people who have suffered incredibly,” Lane stressed.

But he and his family are now the ones suffering.

“Every time I pick up the phone, I don’t know if it’s a customer or if it’s someone to tell me how big of an A-hole I am, or I’m going to kill you and kill your family,” he said looking nervous.

He’s also getting violent threats on Facebook, one reads: “Mark Lane needs a serious beating in front of his customers.”

Others are calling on people to boycott his business.

“Some how I got identified,” said the small business owner who admits he’s thought of sending the family back to a non-profit, but he says he believes in good karma, so he plans to house the migrant family for as long as they need it.

“If something happens to my family tomorrow, maybe somebody will be able to help us also,” he added.

The threats have been reported to San Diego Police.

Death threats, even on Facebook, can be considered a felony.


  • Pedro

    Lane is another Anti-American Racist, how about helping American Children in the inner cities of America who can't go out and play because of the violence. But I guess it helps Lane when the Government gives him $269.00 per child per day of the tax payers money.

  • Anne

    So much for investigative reporting. Did Lane tell you about all the innocent citizens of Murrieta he defamed and called bigoted racists. Oh I guess not because you left that out of the report!

  • Mercedes

    This man is making enough money off our taxes to house these people, no wonder he will keep them as long as they need to stay. He probably has them des align fish in the back rooms. What an opportunist!

  • Murrieta Resident

    Did your station even bother researching this man?? Mark Lane created a hate page on Facebook where he targeted the entire city of Murrieta, CA and any protestors that disagree with amnesty calling them “racist child haters”. He posted their pictures, their employment information and bullied them online! His views on immigration are extremist and you would know that if you did your homework. You just gave him a platform to play victim, resulting in more distress to the people he actually harassed! His “Boycott Murrieta, California” Facebook page has been harassing people for a month now and backlash happened when people found out his name and knew who had been attempting to ruin their lives with his page. People being mad at him has more to do with that then him hosting an illegal immigrant family. Next time report FACTS!!!!! And Mark Lane can’t delete things from his page and have his fans threaten others to change what really happened, he’s not an innocent man, he’s a bully.

    • ignatzz

      [ any protestors that disagree with amnesty calling them "racist child haters".]

      You are.

      You may wish that there were no consequences for your disgusting, satanic actions, but there are. And one of them is decent people know what sort of person you are, and will say so.

  • Avery

    This is ridiculous, Mark Lane bullied and sent his gangster friends to threaten anyone who disagreed with them. Mark Lane, DeeDee Blase, Ruben Salazar and Shirley Mora James are all BULLIES

  • Not the truth

    Biased media as usual, pathetic. This guy even said on his FB page that he was being boycotted for his campaign against murieta and never said it was about the family at his home. Nice PR twist to distort this making him look like the one bullied. Lane's page is deep in radical La Raza and supporters dare protestors to enter their neighborhood by implying consequences of physical violence. Racist hypocrites.

  • Guest

    Mr. Lane you are a hero!!! I will stop by your business and will invite my friends to support you. Hope for the best and I also do believe in good karma and you will be blessed in so many ways. It’s sad how these so called Christian can’t find it in their hearts to help those in need. So much for being a Christian nation!!

  • Guest

    Lane is far from being a hero, and this incident has nothing to do with Christianity. The unfortunate plight of people who can not be sustained by our country are being exploited and should be sent home ASA. Mark Lane and his hate-filled site as we speak, is demonizing Americans who have this point of view. If you visit the site now, Boycott Murroeta, California, you will read about the "bigoted, white racsist" they are calling everyone. Many are hispanic who oppose the influx of people invading our borders. Mark Lane is no hero.

  • guest

    FYI the FB page, Boycott Mark Lane and his establishment, was not taken down by FB. Sorry guys. It was disabled by the creator because the hate from Boycott Murrieta California spilled over onto it and these people resumed their hate speech on that site. The creator felt it was unacceptable and shut it down for that reason. The Administrators from BMC, Mark Lane, Deedee Blase, Ruben Sanchez and ilk, on the other hand, revel in calling people racsists and bigots, therefore they are enjoying themselves and the site continues to be hateful.

    • getoveryourself

      Really? It was the BMC supporters who were vile? Like the person who wanted to beat Mark in his store? The one with the Aryian Nation ties? Or was it the guy from Oklahoma? Defaming a business he lived thousands of miles from claiming it got him sick….must have happened that one time he never went there. Bye Felica.

  • ignatzz

    When you say the migrant kids should be helped, the right-wingers say, "Why don't you take them into YOUR house?" And then, when you do, they threaten you because you did.

    They are really some of the most disgusting and utterly immoral human beings in the whole world.

    • guest

      For the record, the article is wrong in that he is not being protested because he housed children! He threatened people for their opposing oppinions!

      • getoveryourself

        No actually, people threatened him because they opposed his opinion, and the opinion of other like minded individuals.

  • Peaceful activism

    Mark has announced he is shutting down his page and making a new one to take its place….. he knows his page did wrong with bullying and spreading hate from his racist supporters and many of us couldn't support him anymore. He says he wanted to help migrant minors like we do but the page publicly shamed anyone who was anti-illegal immigration and didn't focus on actually helping migrants. Let's hope his new page can spread his message peacefully without being hateful and racist towards those with different views. Good luck, Mark!

  • RMH

    Sounds like a BS story to me. I have seen Marks racist "boycott Murrieta" face back page calling everyone who disagrees with his pro-Illegal pro-amnesty pushing agenda racist, hateful, bigoted and to say he does not have much of an opinion on the immigration debate is completely false and now hes playing the victim??? Ridicules

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