Man admits molesting girlfriend’s 3 daughters

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A National City man pleaded guilty Thursday to molesting his girlfriend’s three daughters and will be sentenced to eight years in state prison next month.

Anthony Garza, 34, pleaded guilty to three child molest counts on the day his preliminary hearing was to get underway.

According to National City police, two of the victims came forward last year, with one of them telling investigators that Garza had molested her for five years. The girls were 15 and 17 years old at the time, and their sister was 10 years old.

Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Matzger said all of victims were under the age of 14 when the abuse happened.

Formal sentencing is scheduled Aug. 21 at the South Bay Courthouse.


  • Anonymous

    What??! 8 years? He should get life!!! Sick MF!!!! I hope someone kills him while in jail!!!!! Iam sick to my stomach!!!!

    • No drunk dirvers

      I would support locking up drunk drivers for 80 years and also those who sell drugs. If you add wife beaters and
      adulterers, the prisons would be full and another 500 would need to be built.

  • wow

    F$ck you legal eagle!!!! You obviously haven’t experienced your kids being molested. This guy should get a$$ raped in prison for life!!!!

    • DavidM

      Unfortunately, there's not enough information here to justify your anger. Was the "molest" a rape? Or was he just a hugger and the girls felt uncomfortable? There is no way that after years there is any physical evidence of anything; it's just their word against his, and believe it or not kids (especially teenagers) lie. You don't know, yet are freely willing to assume the worst just because he chose to avoid a trial in exchange for a specific amount of prison. Lots of people who didn't do the crime make the same choice because the alternative, if they go to trial, is people like you who don't need evidence and want to feel protected by finding people guilty on questionable evidence.
      I chose to wonder what he was actually accused of doing (not the charge – the acts claimed) before I make that jump.

  • wow

    F$ck you too David M. He took the guilty plea for a lesser sentence to avoid a stiffer sentence if he plead not guilty. I’m sure the evidence was heavy in this case.

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