Solana Beach Man Holds Weightlifting Record in His Seventies

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SOLANA BEACH, Calif.- Seventy-eight-year-old Bob Strange is a World Champion Olympic Weightlifter with no plans to slow down anytime soon.

He already has  over 100 first or second place finishes in Olympic Weightlifting and power lifting, a product of over three decades of dedication. It began with a simple phone call from his son.

“I made the comment that you’re getting fat,” joked his son Mark Strange.  “I think it caught him off guard to the point where he joined a health club soon after.”

At the time, Strange was 44 years old.

“ I started working out, and then I went to a power lifting meet and saw some 50-year-old guy that only weighed about 150 pounds do almost a 500-pound dead lift,” said Strange.

“I thought ‘Yeah I can do that.’ So that’s how I got hooked.”

The grandfather of three from Solana Beach continues to set records in his age group.

“I did a 601-pound dead lift at 62,” he recalled.

The California Power Lifting Hall of Famer continues to travel the globe, competing on his own dime, and trains weekly out of his garage.  Often, with a couple of kids: Bob Chandler, a fellow Olympic Weightlifter, and Ernie Pangalinin, now in his fourth year of training.

With weightlifters competing into their early nineties, Strange has no plans of slowing down.

“Sure you’re competing against other people, but you`re also competing against yourself,” said Strange. “I you think you can do it, it feels good.  It’s not about your age; it’s about how good you feel”

Strange will compete in the Cal State Games, where  he has gone undefeated for a decade, the first weekend in August.

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