Escondido says no to migrant children; Hundreds protest

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ESCONDIDO — The debate over housing unaccompanied minors from the Texas border is heating up once again in Escondido.

Tuesday, hundreds flooded the Escondido City Hall asking members of the city’s planning commission to reconsider their denial of a nonprofit’s request to open a federally funded facility to house the influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America at the US-Mexico border.

“Where is your compassion for these children who are seeking asylum,” said one demonstrator to commissioners during a public hearing Tuesday night.

The city’s planning commission denied the request to open the facility in a vacant building at a heated public meeting last month based on overwhelming public opposition.

“There is no parking there, where are they going to park,” said one woman who lives near the proposed facility on the 1800 block of Camino del Diablo.

Attorneys with the ACLU said public opposition to the facility isn’t enough to deny the request and is likely against the law.

“There may well be serious legal problems with the way Escondido has handled this process and that we’re investigating whether the city of Escondido is in compliance with federal law,” said ACLU legal director, David Loy.

Officials with the ACLU say they will appeal the decision.


  • wow

    Oh yeah…the ACLU says it’s against law….. Somehow I don’t think because if it were against the law to refuse an illegal immigrant state funded education they wouldn’t have refused to help. I’m sorry but to the guy who says these children are seeing asylum in the U.S. is wrong. For one these children don’t know what asylum means and these children were forced here parent-less deliberately for citizenship. That’s not asylum….that’s desertion of the parents responsibility to be good parents. I don’t want these children to bring these thoughtless morals here…besides they’ll be joining a street gang next week, selling dope and promoting violence. Send those kids back now!!!!

  • Herpes

    If that lady is so concerned about these children and showing "compassion", how come she hasn't opened up her home??

  • Mikey Angelo

    The ACLU is now signing petitions for gay rights in front of Ralph's Grocery Stores… I MEAN COME ON!!!!! Last thing I want is to walk out with bags of groceries and be bombarded by Gay rights petitions or any petitions for that matter!

  • Bob

    These Anti-American Racists who hate Americans and their Laws need to be deported along with the illegal alien children.

  • Rico

    What about American Children living in American Cities who can't go out and play because of violence and gangs, they should be given Obama's 4 Billion instead.

  • Sally

    Maybe Escondido needs to file its own lawsuit against the Feds, transporting illegal alien children across State Lines, a Federal Crime..

  • Kamilla

    America needs to take care of its own, who by the way are suffering like never before. Shut the gates and send illegals home – their countries of origin need to step up and be responsible for them – America is not responsible for their care.

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