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Man stops assault on roommate with baseball bat

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Baseball Bat Beating

SAN DIEGO – A City heights man took matters into his own hands he saw another man beating his roommate Monday night.   20-year old Martin Garcia beat the man with a baseball bat and sent him to the hospital where he is in serious condition.

“I wasn’t intending to aim at his head, it was just pitch black,” said Garcia.

Baseball Bat Beating

Garcia, who spoke exclusively to Fox 5, said it all started Monday night around 9:30PM when he heard commotion outside his city heights home in the 3600 block of Fairmount Avenue.

“I’m falling asleep in my room and they’re banging on the walls.  I’m like half asleep what’s going on?” said Garcia.

When Martin heard his roommate scream for help, he grabbed a bat and ran outside.

“I see him on top of her just hitting her.  I hit him off,” said Garcia.

The 18-year old man charged at Garcia.

“He turned around and tried chasing me.  I’m like get away, back up, run please.  I was trying to get him away from me,” said Garcia.

The man never backed down.

“That’s when I hit him about 4 or 5 times and he fell to the ground,” recalled Garcia.

Garcia said when the outside lights came on, he realized who the attacker was.

“I’ve seen his face and I was like, wait I know this guy.  Why is this happening?”

The young man was Garcia’s former roommate.

“At this point I’m still confused.  I want to know why and what caused him to do what he did,” said Garcia.

Garcia was taken to jail, but released at 1AM.  He could still face charges.  He said if faced with the same situation again, he would still stand his ground.

“I chose to believe I did to the right thing I protected my home,” said Garcia.  “It’s not just my life in my hands it’s her life in my hands now.”

Police told Fox 5 Garcia would likely not face charges; he was justified in his actions.

The 18-year old will face misdemeanor battery charges.


    • Guest

      Right. Because swinging a baseball bat to break up a fight is clearly justified defense of another…

      • P O

        So if someone was beating your roomate/friend/loved one you would just go "Can you please stop" that that right? I hope noone has to depend on you to back them up. The suspect was assaulting another person (which is a serious crime by the way) and GARCIA went to stop it. GARCIA was than attacked by the suspect who charged at him and did not back down. (Thats also an attack) He was defending himself from being attacked. The suspect could of ended the attack and leave but he chose to engage and attack GARCIA.

  • B_wins

    What are the odds the girl is still with the guy… I hope she is young enough to not be caught in a domestic violence relationship dependence. . .

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