Anti-SeaWorld ad targets Comic-Con visitors

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SAN DIEGO — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced Tuesday that it has placed another anti-SeaWorld message at San Diego’s airport.

The 20-foot-long banner is intended to discourage attendees arriving for this week’s Comic-Con International convention from visiting SeaWorld San Diego while they’re in town.

PETA has been demonstrating against the theme park for years, claiming that its killer whales are mistreated.

PETASeaWorld_AdThe $24,000 banner, placed near the baggage claim of Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field, depicts an orca holding the foot of a man with its teeth. The man, wearing a suit and a “CEO” label, is supposed to represent the company’s chief executive.

The banner, created by Bluewater Productions — a Vancouver, Wash., producer of comic books and graphic novels — includes the text: “He will let you go if you let him go. PETA.”

“Comic-Con fans love blood and guts when they’re fake, but at SeaWorld, it’s all too real for comfort,” Bluewater founder Darren Davis said. “The orcas are desperate to be free. That’s why trainers have been killed, and that’s what we’re depicting in this campaign with PETA.”

David Koontz of SeaWorld San Diego said the theme park has its own advertising at the airport, including wall murals and on baggage claim monitors in both terminals.

“Even by PETA’s standards, this ad is as offensive as it is tasteless,” Koontz said. “PETA isn’t concerned with actually helping animals. They are a radical organization that continues to spend its money on publicity stunts like the profane Jason Biggs video and advertising campaigns like this for the sole purpose of promoting their agenda.”

Koontz said the park’s killer whales are “healthy and happy, and thrive in our care. The real animal welfare organization is SeaWorld, not PETA, and our trainers, aviculturists, animal-care staff and veterinarians are the true advocates for animals.”

The public can get SeaWorld’s point-of-view at and, he said.

In May, PETA placed a wall poster in Terminal 2 in which actress and San Diego native Kathy Najimy urged visitors to avoid SeaWorld San Diego. The poster was placed at the airport after the animal rights organization successfully sued the airport.


  • Willie

    I hear Peta is going to be serving green parrot soup in El Cajon this weekend to raise funds, parrots are freshly trapped.

  • Ruthie

    $24,000 could have actually went to animals in need. Will comic-con visitors really look at that ad and say, "Well I'm never going to SeaWorld again"…or will people really say, "it's just another Peta Power-Trip."

    • willie Jones

      Best use of money to promote the SEA WORLD boycott. Keeping wild Orcas in tiny pools for a lifetime when they are used to swimming 100 miles per day is cruel.
      This is done purely to make money.

    • Free Willie

      Good use of money. Gets people talking about how wild Orcas are mistreated in the captive pools they are forced to live in. Boycott Sea World ! It is owned by hedge fund mgr BlackRock.

  • Sheldon

    As a visitor to your City seen the Ad thought it had something to do with the Comic Convention.

    • Free Shamuu

      Watch BlackFish on Netflix to see how these whales are forced to live in a tiny pool for 30 years when they are used to swimming 100 miles per day. Animal abuse is the only word that comes to mind.

  • Elliott

    I hope "Sea World" continues to lose money and popularity. They are no more than a exploitive circus who abuse animals just to fill their pockets. No better than those who make money in Dog Fights. They should be closed down for good and the animals should be returned to their natural habitats.

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