San Diego company lured to Texas

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SAN DIEGO — Omnitracs, a San Diego-based provider of fleet management and logistics products, announced Friday it will move its corporate headquarters to Dallas early next year, attracted by a $3.9 million payment from the Texas state government.

“Establishing Dallas as our new headquarters will further solidify our industry leadership position, allowing us to centralize operations and better serve our growing multi-national customer base,” said Omnitracs CEO John Graham. “As a major transportation hub with a technology-savvy workforce, we believe Dallas offers great advantages that align with our long-term business vision.”

Graham said the location places the 25-year-old company closer to many of its fleet customers, allowing them to provide quicker service to customers.

Omnitracs, which said it has nearly 700 employees, becomes the third local company owned by Vista Equity Partners to announce moves to Texas this year, following Websense and the Active Networks, and plans to create 450 jobs and invest $10 in Texas, according to U-T San Diego.

“Employers of all sizes and from all industries know that Texas’ model of low taxes, smart regulations, fair courts and skilled workforce provide the best chance for their success now and well into the future,” said Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been courting California companies for several years now and frequents San Diego.

The company plans to retain offices in San Diego and Baltimore following the move to maintain a market presence.


  • Diego

    The benefits for employees, besides lower wages, are the EMPLOYEES trade life in San Diego for high humidity, more traffic, and lots of bugs especially Tarantulas, Scorpions and Tarantula Hawk Wasp
    a real pest for Texans, among other things.

    • A.A.

      You are kidding right? San Diego is a gigantic suburban dump. Even Dallas has more of a city feel and life to it. I am sure no one will be complaning about leaving the suburban, stepford wife hellhole that is San Diego.

  • Guest

    More and more jobs are leaving California's Tax Em Until They Hurt State. California is going to need more illegal aliens to pay that sales tax to keep California running!

  • Eugene Hamptons

    They were driven from San Diego…. one of the worst places to do business in the entire country, recently rated in the bottom 10.

  • Guest

    $10? Maybe California should invest in a school system that actually teaches people who can write and proof read properly. Are we handing the illegals our journalism jobs now too?

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