Beach contamination spreads north

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Sewage contamination sign

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. — A stretch of the South County shoreline has been closed off to swimmers because bacteria levels from sewage-contaminated runoff originating near the U.S.-Mexico border exceed state standards, county health officials said.

Sewage contamination signRecent rainfall has pushed sewage-contaminated runoff from the Tijuana River into the Tijuana Estuary, and water samples confirmed that bacteria levels were elevated above state standards in Imperial Beach, according to the county Department of Environmental Health.

Authorities expanded the existing water contact closure at the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge shoreline north to include Imperial Beach, including Camp Surf, according to a statement from the county agency.

Signs warning of the contamination were placed in the area and will remain up until field measurements indicate the ocean water is safe for recreational use once again, according to the Department of Environmental Health.


  • Francisco

    There was a storm system that dropped some rain in the high elevations this past week. It was not very much.
    How many people know the city of San Diego has pipes that run 5 miles into the ocean and discharge sewage waste into the ocean each and every day ? Some folks know that. But how many know those pipes as well as MOST of San Diego's underground water and sewer pipes need to be replaced in the next ten years.
    The cost will be much higher than most expect and taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Piecemeal patch on big leaks only work for so long. Taxpayers, or businesses will have to absorb the cost, unless the government wants to shower the city with money.

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