Teen pilot finishes around the world flight

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SAN DIEGO – A 19-year-old pilot landed at Gillespie Field in El Cajon Monday night making him the youngest pilot to ever circumnavigate the globe by himself.

Matt Guthmiller, a freshman at MIT, flew for a month and a half, covering 29,000 miles in his Beach Craft Bonanza single engine plane.


A 19-year-old MIT student completes around-the-world flight in San Diego.

Guthmiller’s last fight took him from Honolulu to El Cajon on a 16 hour tour over the Pacific Ocean.

“Its great to be back, thank you all so much for being here,” said Guthmiller, who expressed who exhausted he was after his epic journey.

Many professional pilots agreed that the trip was a major risk.

“When you are flying over the ocean for hour after hour on one engine you are taking a big risk… that one engine goes out and its all over. There’s no where to ditch,” said Rob Hembury, a commercial pilot who joined a crowd of Guthmiller’s friends and family Monday. “I get nervous flying over the ocean even with three engines.”

Guthmiller’s 1981 plane was updated with all the latest technological equipment, but it didn’t help him when is legs started to fall asleep.

Now, the teenager is planing on finishing his degree in mechanical engineering at MIT.

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