Man denies throwing fatal ‘sucker punch’ in Gaslamp fight

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SAN DIEGO — An alleged gang member accused of “sucker-punching” a man on a Gaslamp Quarter street last month, resulting in his death, pleaded not guilty Monday to second-degree murder.


Surveillance cameras captured images of the Gaslamp fight assailants. (SDPD)

Mahad A. Ahmed, 23, was ordered held on $1 million bail.

Deputy District Attorney Melissa Vasel alleged that Ahmed struck 25-year-old Michael Louis Beaver in the head from behind after six people from the defendant’s group got into an argument with Beaver, his brother and a friend in the 500 block of  F Street about 1 a.m. on June 15.

Vasel said Beaver was taking care of his brother — who was getting sick — when a female from the defendant’s group slapped Beaver in the face.

“Another male in the (defendant’s) group punches the victim, and while the victim is completely unaware of the defendant, who is standing back with three other males, (the defendant) just runs up and punches him (Beaver) right on the side of the head, killing him,” Vasel alleged outside court.

The prosecutor said a witness heard the victim’s head strike a metal rail as he fell backward from Ahmed’s punch.

“It is very clear that at the time the defendant hit the victim, the victim had no idea it was coming,” the prosecutor told reporters. “It seemingly came out of nowhere.”

Surveillance cameras captured the altercation on video, Vasel said.

Several hours later, Ahmed was arrested for an alleged probation violation following a disturbance at a lounge in City Heights, Vasel said. She said Ahmed’s clothes were impounded, and Beaver’s blood was found on the defendant’s shirt.

Ahmed was in custody when he was re-arrested in connection with Beaver’s death on Thursday.

The defendant faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

A status conference was set for July 21 and a preliminary hearing for July 25.


  • wow

    What a piece of Sh$t. Ahmed and his cronies are weak and have to gang up and sucker punch to win a fight. Hope he rots in prison and that his friends to time as well. I feel for the victims’ family and friends.

  • Denise

    What a frigging coward, has to hit someone from behind. Bet his mom is real proud of him.
    Why, why, why do we even need a trial if it was caught on camera? Waste of time and money. I say take his life just like he did to that poor young man. Rot in prison pos!!!

  • wow

    Hey Ahmed and his friends. Come fight me face to face and I’ll kick all of your bully a$$es. All of you are the lowest of what society has to offer. Bet your parent are proud of you!!!

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