Local beachgoers warned about stingrays

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SAN DIEGO – Stingrays have been striking swimmers by the dozens over the last three days. Lifeguards from all over San Diego have reported a strong up tic in stingray activity.

“With water temperatures reaching 74 degrees the stingrays come in close to eat sand crabs, and that is a problem for people wading through the water,” said Lt. John Edelbrock from the Del Mar Lifeguards. “People have to remember to do the stingray shuffle, I’ve been doing it my whole life and I haven’t been hit yet.”

Some beachgoers are not as lucky as Edelbrock, Brooke Abbott was struck by a stingray while jumping off her boogie board Thursday.

“It felt like I got bitten by a shark, because I could feel it go right through my foot. It stung so bad…I cried,” said Abbott, a seventh grader from Poway.

Lifeguards treat the stingray stoke by putting the injured area into a extremely hot water.

The pain can last from 2 hours to 2 days, but a sting rarely ever turns into a serious medical event.


  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Thank goodness it was a baby stingray that got me in San Diego Bay. I got lazy and forgot to do the shuffle while exiting the water. I felt like I stepped on something squishy and then there was the sensation of a tail immediately coming up and gashing me. It felt funny on my foot for a few hours but I survived.

  • Jim

    Sometime you can't do the shuffle when you're getting off your board or whatever. I've been stung twice and once it went right in the vein and I got a horrible blood infection.

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