3rd planeload of immigrants from Texas arrives

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SAN DIEGO — Another plane carrying about 140 immigrants from Texas landed at Lindbergh Field Monday, bringing the number of flights to three since federal authorities began transferring them last Tuesday.

immigrant PlaneThe plane touched down in San Diego just after 10 a.m. and taxied to the eastern side of the airport, where it was met by three buses from the Department of Homeland Security. As with the flights on Tuesday and Friday, the passengers were mostly mothers and their children.

At about 10:40 a.m., the loaded buses left the airport and headed south on Interstate 5. They arrived in San Ysidro at the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol station on Beyer Boulevard at about 11 a.m., where they were unloaded from the buses into a secure facility for processing.

Last Tuesday, authorities attempted to bus the first flight of immigrants to Murrieta in Riverside County, but protesters blocked the buses from entering the town. The three buses turned around and headed south to the Beyer Boulevard facility. After undergoing health screenings, some of the immigrants were taken to local hospitals for treatment of undisclosed health problems. The rest were dispersed to other Border Patrol stations around San Diego County.

Protesters have continued gathering at the Border Patrol facility in Murrieta. Some clashed with police on Friday while waiting to see if more migrants would be arriving.

The migrants, many of them women and children, are among tens of thousands of citizens of Central American countries who have poured into the United States via Texas this year, according to ICE officials.

The Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector has been overwhelmed by the arrivals, prompting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to seek other locations to send them until their cases can be assessed.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials initially set Riverside County as the end point for processing the migrants.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long told concerned residents during a town hall meeting last week that the city had coordinated with the Border Patrol to ensure that the anticipated influx didn’t create an untenable situation locally.

He expressed frustration that the federal government was moving its “headache” to Riverside County but assured residents that those set to arrive didn’t have criminal backgrounds.


  • Fred

    I thought Texas was always BIGGER??

    Send them all to the Bush residence and let him play with them!

  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    Don't you love it America now that you have no say in anything anymore? Now all you get is
    a little space set safely aside for you to protest in and watch your country handed over to someone else right in front of your faces while Y̲o̲u̲ stand helpless behind the yellow tape.
    🚓 🚧══🚧═ 👪 ═🚧══🚧 🚓

  • Brad

    Border Patrol Coyotes now getting sick themselves. How come Escondido could kick them out but not Murrieta?

    • ᙓᔕᙅO

      Because Escondido's at capacity. The schools are overflowing, apartments and houses are overcrowded etc. etc… You want to see real action on this? Try to house these kids in Rancho Bernardo or Del Mar or any of the rich, shielded communities and watch the real sparks fly!!

  • Ken Dunn

    who's money is paying for these illegal aliens' trip THROUGH Mexico and then illegally into the US?

  • Yellow

    They all need to get sent back to Mexico and then Central America not here to California!!!! 😠

  • Guest

    Mexico let them in with work visas, this is totally Mexico and Obozos problem, deport to Mexico and let Mexico deal with it.

  • SGT Robison

    I'm all for helping others in need and trying to support the government. But in this case I support neither. Instead of taking care of people who will probably be on government assistance due to the lack of jobs or making taxpayers pay more. Why don't we as a country take care of our OWN! We have too many people homeless and jobless on our streets, yet we make an effort to support people from our countries. I feel for everyone of them, but I say again; we need to support our OWN first and foremost. We can't support our OWN people, the question is how do we support people from other countries?

    • SGT Robison

      As I follow this story closer, I see now that the president in asking Congress for 3.7 billion dollars for a relief fund for these immigrants. WTF? It's no wonder we as a country can't get ahead financially, we're too busy spending money on CRAP! As a soldier I supported the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to help free the innocent, and strengthen their military. But it was in their own country. This I cannot support especially since it's in our backyard, and coming from our pockets!! I say again WE CANNOT SUPPORT OUR OWN PEOPLE, why are we trying to support immigrants from another country. It took me a long time to vote for every presidents because it never benefited me as a soldier, no matter who it was. But now I see that it doesn't benefit US as a country either! Canada here I come!!!

  • Diogenes

    >>"3rd planeload of immigrants from Texas arrives"

    "immigrants"?? How about "illegal alien border jumping CRIMINALS"!! Because that is exactly what they are. But meanwhile down in Mexico and Central America the word is out – head north and get across the border, and then you can sponge off the fat, rich, lazy Americans til the day you die. And the village idiot they elected as president is rolling out the red carpet. ANDALE!

  • Jay Gee

    I'm offended that the TV headline for this story announced that more "illegal immigrants" we're arriving. The AP banned this term last year because the use of this term politicizes the situation. I don't support the use of the term because our immigration issues are complex and the system is clearly broken. You cannot profit from immigrants on one end and then demand that they leave on the other. I will no longer watch Fox 5 if they continue use this language to refer to demonize immigrants.

    • switched@birth

      They are immigrants…entering the country illegally…..therefore, they are illegal immigrants. A legal immigrant is one that has a sponsor, gets in line, files the paperwork and becomes a productive member of society.

      We can not label them as "Undocumented Workers" because they are not working.

      Refugees may be more appropriate.

  • switched@birth

    Why do we call them immigrants? This implies they are doing paperwork to enter the country legally, which in most of the cases I have read, they are not. They are refugees from yet another corrupt, incapable Central American Government that is ruled by gang warfare and greed.

    Actually, it is more equated to seagulls or pigeons at the park. You start giving handouts to a few, then a whole bunch fly in expecting the same handout. After a while, they get wise and adjust their migration and daily routine to come to the park for a handout.

    Now we are transporting the seagulls to other parks because the park they showed up at is over crowded and can not handle the capacity.

    • Franz von Papen

      I really like the analogy you use, I totally agree. I would also add that not only are these refugees from yet another corrupt, gang-ruled country, but that these illegals BY THEIR NATURE are exporting their violent, gang-corrupted culture to our country.

  • BobBarker

    Where's the Patriots in San Diego?! Get off your lazy fat Republican a**es and stop thos busses! Turn them back at the point of departure. If they can fly the illegals from Texas to San Diego, they can certainly fly 'em back to Mexico.

  • Shalimar

    Send them back. I am tired of having to support them. Even the ones who get a job are usually on government assistance because they don't make enough and keep having kids. AND as for the parents, if you don't want to raise your kids in a hostile environment like some parts of Mexico, STOP HAVING THEM!!

  • Joanna

    Reblogged this on Newz View and commented:
    WTH!! more by planes too! This is how many now and all at tax payers expense! and why? and for what purposes?

    I am behind in news its all happening so dang fast!

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