Locals donate goods for migrant families

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SAN DIEGO – The next flight carrying undocumented immigrants from Central America is expected to land in San Diego Monday.

Meantime, the non-profit organization, Border Angels, has been inundated with donations for the migrant families. They’ve been receiving non-perishable food, clothes, toys and toiletries. At their headquarters in Sherman Heights Sunday, a mound of donations sat on the front step. It is open Monday through Friday between 10a – 6p.

Lisa Preciado and Vanessa Flores of San Diego dropped off toiletries and children’s clothing. They said they are constantly thinking of the children.

“[The children] don’t have a choice. It’s either, kidnap, murder, rape, beaten, joining the drug trafficking ring,” Flores explained. “I would do anything to save my kids. And if it meant me doing something illegal and coming to a country where I could have some sort of hope and at least a little bit of safety, I would do it for my kids.”

In Murrieta, Patrice Lynes, has organized a rally to take place Monday on Monrose Avenue where their Border Patrol facility is located.

“We will stand firm for the Unites States of America to remain  the United States of America and not the United States of the world,” Lynes said.
She has spear headed many of the rallies in the past week in Murrieta. She said many Murrieta residents are prepared to rally every 72 hours, for as long as it takes.
“[The immigration crisis] is a federal problem gone a muck that has been dropped at a local level and we are not prepared, or do we have the infrastructure to take care of this form of invasion,” Lynes said.




  • Thankful

    I live in San Diego and see homeless shelters closed, veterans NOT getting services and the special needs (developmentally delayed) CITIZENS lose services due to "funding"….I am sickened that we all of a sudden have the funding available for these ILLEGAL LEECHES who will forever depend on the welfare system

  • Thankful

    If you are a resident of San Diego we should gather the HOMELESS population and take them to the nearest shelter where we are housing the ILLEGALS! Our CITIZENS deserve the resources these ILLEGAL LEECHES are receiving! Just picture for a moment our MOST VULNERABLE populations (Vets, special needs, homeless) standing outside those facilities—what spin could the media possibly put on that one?

  • Tina

    I’m very concerned about the intentions the Obama administration has. I do agree with Thankful, why isn’t this funding be put to good use for its citizens? Our public schools are losing funding for simple programs such as transportation and after school programs, instead we hand pink slips to the educators of the future leaders (children), tell our veterans that we can’t provide benefits, or medical care for the diseases or injuries that they most likely contracted while active. This country and administration has its priorities backwards. It’s disgusting, and I’m embarrassed to call myself an american.

  • Michael

    "We will stand firm for the Unites States of America to remain the United States of America and not the United States of the world" Where to begin? We have Iraqi refugees, African refugees, Indian, Syrian, etc.. I think this Ms. Lynes and others need to think about the potential of asking Congress to do something to make the mothers learn working English, get jobs, and pay taxes. I could care less about the kids going to a school if they've got a parent contributing to the tax base. Come on CONGRESS make it happen. Oh, it's not the taxes? Then what's he real issue?

  • Clean House

    There is a protest in san ysidro on the 19th 10 – 4pm wouldn't it be interesting if these American protestors showed up dressed like or something representing the homeless, the vets, and the other poorer members of our society that are being pushed aside so these illegals can be taken care of??

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