Hidden cash giveaway hits Pacific Beach

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SAN DIEGO – Pacific Beach was the place to be Sunday as it was the latest buried treasure hunt sight from @HiddenCash.

Twenty-five Pez candy dispensers with cash hidden inside them were apparently buried in the sand at a beach, and at 9:47 a.m. the Bay Area real estate investor with too much money tweeted the location.

“San Diego: Which beach you ask? This one: Many people like theirs with jam. I’ve always preferred honey.”

Br4L7x_CAAAu_oF.jpg largeReporters made the obvious conclusion that the Tweet referred to Pacific Beach, commonly referred to by San Diegans as PB — as in “PB and J.”

The feed tweeted a picture of Pez candy dispensers with money in them and claimed to have hidden 25 of the dispensers somewhere in San Diego.

At 9:33 a.m. HiddenCash tweeted that “It’s going to be a fun day at the beach in San Diego.” Seven minutes later the feed tweeted “SD: They are buried in the sand and it will be a while til all are found. So head on over. Next clue shortly.”

HiddenCash first tweeted on Friday that they would be coming to San Diego. In the feed’s first Tweet Sunday, filed at 8:02 a.m., HiddenCash posted a picture of the small red Pez cylinders with plastic cartoon characters on top.

“San Diego: which one do you want to find?” was the tantalizing message. “We hid 25. Clues soon …” 

The lastest update posted by HiddenCash “Good job retweeting, San Diego. Be friendly with media too! Share the love and pay it forward! Pez tour coming to LA next!”


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