Search called off for child in Mission Bay

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SAN DIEGO — Divers searched for a child allegedly spotted falling off an inner tube hauled by a Jet Ski in a cove off Fiesta Island in Mission, though it appears the reporting was a false sighting, according to fire officials.

At 4:45 p.m., two adolescents told lifeguards they witnessed a child fall off an inner tube that was being towed by a Jet Ski and that the child did not resurface, according to Lee Swanson, a spokesman with the San Diego Fire- Rescue Department.

They told lifeguards that the Jet Ski didn’t stop and kept on going, Swanson said.

Divers and fire department helicopters searched the waters until about 6:20 p.m., he said.

After they searched for more than 90 minutes, efforts were scaled back because no one in the area reported a missing child to police, according to Swanson.

In addition, video surveillance footage from cameras aimed at the bay that caught a Jet Ski in motion with an inner tube in tow, though nobody was on it, he said.

The footage also didn’t show anyone in distress, Swanson added.

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