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Protesters ready to force more migrants out of Murrieta

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MURRIETA, Calif. – More undocumented immigrants are expected to arrive in San Diego Friday and protesters said they’re ready.

“The goal should be to turn the bus around again,” said Rob Luton with the San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition.

Immigrant Bus

Protesters block a bus loaded with immigrant detainees in Murrieta, Calif.

The group is calling on hundreds of demonstrators to come out and protest the arrival of undocumented immigrants to Murrieta and keep buses from entering the U.S. Border Patrol facility, as they did Tuesday when a few dozen people stood in front of three large Department of Homeland Security buses and forced them to turn around.

“I place a lot of that blame on the Murrieta Police Department. They need to be investigated,” said Enrique Morones, with Border Angels, who is welcoming the migrants.

Since the incident the Murrieta Police Department has been under fire over its handling of Tuesday’s protest.

Fox 5 called, emailed and went to the Murrieta Police Department seeking a response but no one in the department was made available to speak.

“What they were doing was trying to hold the protestors back,” said Kimberly Davidson with the City of Murrieta, who blames the DHS.

“Our police department asked them to wait for back up. We were actually in the process of securing back up in order to make sure that the protestors were not going to be harmed in any way. So when our police department asked the buses to remain, the buses chose not to remain and backed up and left on their own accord,” said Davidson. “Our biggest concern moving forward is violence could break out.”


  • Milliam Satmary

    Set the children free? Seriously? You want ICE to dump hundreds of illegal alien children into my streets. The pedophiles and human traffickers will snatch them up within hours. I am a Murrieta citizen. I am one of the protesters. If you want to help these kids, then you WANT us on that picket line. The ICE plan is flawed. They have no plan. We have no animosity whatsoever for the people on the buses; we're protesting the manner in which our government is mishandling the crisis. Murrieta and surrounding community do not have the resources to support this influx of people. It's not about racists; it's about resources. It's that simple.

    • Dr. Joseph G.

      And if these people were Jews from Russia, you would not dare protest or utter one word of complaint.

      A LARGE part of the reason the economies of Central and South America are so weak is because of USA meddling.

      It is THE LEAST America can do to make amends.

      • Nobeans4u

        But they are not Jews & Not from Russia…
        THEY ARE ILLEGAL INVADERS!! Not Just Poor little HO's"A" or WhoreHay

  • Jesus Cardenas

    The Shame of California

    Murrieta residents, please do some actual research on the subject you’re protesting about. You people are really all over the map with your arguments. Just sit down and think like a god damn fucking adult! Think rational and think with your heart. Because we all know this is just an opportunity go protest against the black guy in the White House. Common just look for the video with the crying old lady in the pink shirt during the council meeting, bitch don’t make sense!!! (I should mention I’m white, basically a red neck, just in case people start with the race talk)


      I've yet to meet a "REDNECK" named "HAYSUES"! so Go back to METHICO and spew your BS there!

      • Johnnybbaby

        Obviously Jesus is just another freeloading Bean who abused our system. Judging from his grammar, he must have missed most of school staying at home choking down his burritos.

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Good for the Police Dept. in Murietta. They know it will be them dealing with all the mess that occurs after these "immigrants" are released to "see an immigration judge." And a big thank you to the new American patriots: the people of Murietta who are standing up to the idiot feds who are forcing these people on communities ill equipped to provide for them. There are all kinds of patriots in this country and the ones who are refusing to lay down and let out great country get ruined even further by illegals who don't belong here are the ones who deserve our praise today.

  • Dr Joseph G

    A large part of the reason Mexicans and others are coming to America, is because America is running their economies, and doing it BY DESIGN.

    Illegal immigration jumped 150% from 1994 to 1997. Why? NAFTA. Good ole Newt helped push that trade agreement through and in turn it ruined the Mexican farm economy.

    It also ruined jobs for 1,300,000 Americans who lost good paying unions jobs as employers could now ship the jobs to Mexico at first and then on to Vietnam or China.

    So these victims of America's greed come looking for a life, because their life was ruined by American
    policies and American citizens say go back home. Sorry Mr. and Mrs. American Citizen, your politicians made this mess and indirectly, you did too by voting them into office.

    • No Beans 4 u

      You and Dr John TAX-HOP-ER the Governor of Oregon Can go back to your MALPRACTICE in T.J. anytime you want! Take Jerry Moonbeam with you while you are at it.
      Nobody is keeping you here…Go help your Fellow Methican Citzens if you love them that much!
      Don't Bitch to me about WHO I VOTE FOR! A-Hole!

  • Bucko

    Why is it the Dems won't move them to Washington DC? The Dems are totally against American Citizens and need tobe removed in the 2014 elections.

  • Bozo

    The dems started a fire fight in the Middle East and is now allowing terrorist to come to America to kill Americans, hopefully they kill the Left Americans and thier families.

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