Immigrants who sparked protest now in San Ysidro

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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. — Central American migrants who were met by protesters at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in Murrieta were instead in the San Diego County community of San Ysidro Wednesday, and some children in the group are reported to be in hospitals being evaluated for undisclosed ailments.

Immigrants Chula VistaThe group of 140 migrants was flown from Texas to Lindbergh Field Tuesday. Members of the group then boarded three Department of Homeland Security coaches headed to the Riverside County USBP facility, but the buses re-entered San Diego County about 3:30 p.m. after a hostile demonstration in Murrieta in Riverside County.

The reception in Chula Vista was much more low-key and less hostile. A handful of people met the buses carrying signs that said “THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND,” “COMPASION” and “WELCOME.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lauren Mack declined to say where the migrants were being taken, but by late afternoon Tuesday, the buses were seen pulling into a Customs and Border Protection facility in San Ysidro.

Immigrants Welcome

A handful of people display signs of welcome outside the Border Patrol station in San Ysidro

Border Patrol officials said each of the migrants was being medically screened at the San Ysidro facility Tuesday night, and a few of the children were taken to hospitals to be evaluated for undisclosed ailments.

After being processed, the migrants will be turned over to ICE. Those planning on staying with family members or friends across the country will be taken to bus terminals or airports — but will be required to report to the nearest ICE facility for case management.

Border Patrol facilities in Southern California include El Cajon, El Centro, Chula Vista, Campo, Boulevard and San Clemente.

Tuesday’s departure of the migrants from the Riverside area marked a victory for roughly two dozen protesters who gathered to decry the foreigners’ arrival, many waving flags and others carrying signs reading “Stop Illegal Immigration” and “Return to Sender.”

The group of migrants were among tens of thousands of Central American nationals who have poured into the United States via Texas this year, according to ICE officials.

The Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector has been overwhelmed by the arrivals, prompting the Department of Homeland Security to seek other locations until their cases can be assessed.

“CBP will transfer certain individuals to U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Removal Operations, where appropriate custody determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing national security and public safety,” according to an ICE statement Monday.

The ICE document specified that Murrieta would be the end point for “processing” the individuals, noting they “may be released with instructions to report to a local ICE office near their destination address within 15 days.”

Following the standoff in Murrieta, ICE officials said that once the migrants are processed, they would be taken to a “transition center” in Riverside County set up by a faith-based organization that would help them arrange transportation to their final destinations and help them contact family members.


  • J.M.

    They are not "Migrants". They are ILLEGAL ALIENS!
    The way things are unfolding now the term INVADERS sounds appropriate.

  • Guest

    Expect National Guard at Murrieta as they will try to bus them in on Friday and expect Citizens of Murrieta to be out there with guns blocking the roads. Obamas mess along with Mexico who allowed illegal aliens to come in their country to get to Americans Sorta fitting, Americans defending their City on the 4th of July.

  • Guess

    Is really sad about these people's reactions. This country is based on people from all over the world not just americans. Take a look and see your history may be you or your family came from another country.
    if their country is really bad why not give them a chance for a better life.

    • dpk

      And do you want to pay for all this? Our country doesn't have the money to take care of our internal mess let alone to support the rest of the world! Wise up!

    • thelibertydefender

      You couldn't be further from the truth. Our history is not about immigrants. It is about founders and settlers. My great (times 11) grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War with the NC regiment. I have a RIGHT to be here.

      If you don't know the difference between founders/settlers vs immigrants, then I feel sorry for you. The US already allows more legal immigrants per year (1 million) than any other country in the world.

    • J.M.

      We are a nation made of Laws. Get in line pay your fee and you will be accepted. Swimming across a river in the middle of the night with the intent of thumbing your nose at the rule of law and you should be deported period.

  • Rascapetate


    • Mike Angelo

      Learn how to spell. Fox 5 please have a required of letting people that passed the 5th grade make comments on articles.

  • Guest

    One thing everybody forgets, this country belongs to the Citizens, not illegals, not politicians, not the Feds, to the People and if the people say no and they are ignored, expect the people to with hold ALL taxes until the law is obeyed.

  • thelibertydefender

    I'm tired of people saying that our country was built by immigrants. That is false. Our country was built by our founders and settlers. There is a HUGE difference between founders/settlers vs. immigrants. My great (times 11) grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War with the NC regiment. I have a RIGHT to be here.

    The US already allows more legal immigrants per year (1 million) than any other country in the world. What do people think will happen if we continue to allow this Mexican invasion? Our country is no better than her inhabitants. We will be no better than Mexico.

  • Guest

    I do not believe my hard earned tax dollars should be wasted on these ILLEGAL ALIENS. Those people should not be able to reap the benefits of our tax dollars.
    As far as I’m concerned, those people should be returned to their home country.

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