Immigrants dispersed around county, source says

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SAN DIEGO — About 140 immigrant detainees who were met by angry protesters in Murrieta Tuesday have been dispersed to hospitals and Border Patrol stations around San Diego County, a representative of the Border Patrol union said Wednesday.

Immigrant Bus

Protesters block a bus loaded with immigrant detainees in Murrieta, Calif.

The group of mostly women and children from Central America was flown from Texas to Lindbergh Field Tuesday. Members of the group then boarded three Department of Homeland Security buses headed to the Riverside County USBP facility, but the buses turned back to San Diego County about 3:30 p.m. after hostile demonstrators blocked them in Murrieta in Riverside County.

The buses pulled into a Customs and Border Protection facility in San Ysidro late Tuesday afternoon, and helicopter video showed the immigrants get off and enter a fenced detention area.

Federal officials would not discuss plans for handling the immigrants, citing safety and security concerns. But Gabe Pacheco, a representative of the Border Patrol officers union, told Fox 5 that the immigrants were medically screened in San Ysidro, and a few of the children were taken to hospitals to be evaluated for undisclosed ailments. The rest of the group was dispersed overnight to seven Border Patrol stations in San Diego County for processing, he said.

Pacheco did not specify the number of immigrants sent to individual stations or where the stations are located. Border Patrol facilities in San Diego County include San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Campo and Boulevard.

None of the immigrants were sent to Murrieta or San Clemente, Pacheco said.

After being processed, the immigrants will be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Those planning on staying with family members or friends across the country will be taken to bus terminals or airports — but will be required to report to the nearest ICE facility for case management.

The group of immigrants were among tens of thousands of Central American nationals who have poured into the United States via Texas this year, according to ICE officials.

The Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector has been overwhelmed by the arrivals, prompting the Department of Homeland Security to seek other locations until their cases can be assessed.

“CBP will transfer certain individuals to U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Removal Operations, where appropriate custody determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing national security and public safety,” according to an ICE statement Monday.

The ICE document specified that Murrieta would be the end point for “processing” the individuals, noting they “may be released with instructions to report to a local ICE office near their destination address within 15 days.”

Following the standoff in Murrieta, ICE officials said that once the migrants are processed, they would be taken to a “transition center” in Riverside County set up by a faith-based organization that would help them arrange transportation to their final destinations and help them contact family members.

Republican Lt. Governor candidate Ron Nehring said in a statement to address the “humanitarian crisis” that the large number of Central American children being sent across dangerous terrain to illegally enter the country “are the victims of the failure of the federal government to create a safe, secure and modern border.”

“Poor economic and security conditions in Central America, combined with the rumor mill and the existence of cartels engaged in human, weapons and drug trafficking have precipitated this crisis in which the children are the real victims,” Nehring said.

He called for an improved immigration system that “serves our national and economic interests and respects our traditions of being a nation of immigrants.”

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, took to social media to express her dismay over how the migrants were treated.

“How people wave American flags in protest to immigrant women & children who just desperately want to make this their country, makes no sense,” Gonzalez said via Twitter.



    There's a nice Big Fenced Yard on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC that has Plenty of room for These Fine LAWFUL Citizens……

    Hey Barry…. If you Love them so Much…You Keep them in your own Backyard!

    • Michael

      He doesn't. Do you only watch Fox? He's calling for them to be sent back too. Quick picking the side Fox speaks about. Congress and their failure to act allowed this to happen as Bush admin legislated we house them, then ship them and hearing. These idiot patiriots just blocked them from the housing, complicating the shipping back. Think for yourself.

  • Bob

    Time for Americans to take their country back, time for all to with hold ALL taxes until Obozo can get it who actually owns this country.

    • Michael

      ya, that's wise. Enjoy the three years in a Federal Pen. How about Congress do something to get rid of the act bush signed allowing this to happen. Oh but we want to blame Obama because he lacks the sole power to change this. Yall are something else.

  • Steve

    Peolsi owns hundreds of acres what is wrong with the 1% chipping in and housing the Illegal Aliens?

  • Monoxide

    See how they go around the protesters with dozens of unmarked cars now? They just adapt to what Americans don't want and do it anyways. Now there will be no tellin' what's going on here because it will be done in secret.

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  • Guest

    Its unbelievable how all you evil people think you own U.S.A!!!! As far as I know, WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS!! Unless you are American Indian. What tribe do you guys belong to? (since you claim it) Navajo?,Cherokee? Any other? Let's find a way to fix the problem not only complain. Legalize them, and then more taxes will be paid!!! HAPPY AMERICA!!

    • CryingBull

      Most of us are legal immigrants. These are illegal aliens. If they violated the law the first time they got here, will it be easier to violate a law again. Do we start awarding criminals now?


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  • Jose

    They are illegal aliens. You give immigrants a bad name. I agree, to fix the problem – never, ever vote for a democrat ever again

    • ᙓᔕᙅO

      Never vote for anyone that refuses take our border security & enforcement seriously, regardless of their party affiliation. Whoever's soft on the issue shouldn't be on the ballot period.

  • Frank

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  • Mom

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    • Michael

      Hahahhahaha!!! How long have you been in this country. The problem you speak of has been going on since the 80's don't act like this is a new thing because you want to join the bandwagon and blame Obama. He wants the border secured, he's done and will do what he can. No child left behind is still the law in education and that wasn't Obama. Fool!

  • J.M.

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