Protesters greet buses carrying undocumented immigrants in Murrieta

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MURRIETA, Calif. — Three buses carrying about 140 undocumented who were being taken to Murrieta Tuesday afternoon were greeted by angry protesters and turned away from their intended destination.

murrieta-protestThe immigrants were flown from a Texas Border Patrol Station to San Diego, where they landed shortly after noon. They then boarded three Department of Homeland Security buses and headed north on Interstate 15 toward the Murrieta Border Patrol Station.

When they approached Murrieta, they were greeted by about 100 protesters holding signs including “RETURN TO SENDER,” “STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION,” and “SUPPORT U.S. BORDER PATROL.”

A small band of immigrant supporters also made a showing outside the Murrieta facility, but their shouts were largely drowned out by the opposing camp.

The buses then turned around for unknown reasons and began heading south on Interstate 15 and began driving south to San Diego.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lauren Mack declined to disclose where the migrants were being taken, but by late afternoon, the buses were seen pulling into a Customs and Border Protection facility in San Ysidro.

The majority of immigrants on the buses were mothers and children. According to reports, the migrants are fleeing violence, murders and extortion from criminal gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector has been overwhelmed by the arrivals, prompting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to seek other locations to send them until their cases can be assessed.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s El Centro and San Diego sectors are about to begin assisting with the processing of migrants apprehended in South Texas, many of whom are adults with children,” according to an ICE statement released Monday.

“CBP will transfer certain individuals to U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Removal Operations, where appropriate custody determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing national security and public safety.”

The ICE document specified that Murrieta would be the end point for “processing” the individuals, noting that they “may be released with instructions to report to a local ICE office near their destination address within 15 days.”

Following Tuesday’s standoff in Murrieta, ICE officials said that once the migrants are processed, they will be taken to a “transition center” in Riverside County set up by a faith-based organization that would help the migrants arrange transportation to their final destinations and help them contact family members.

During a 30-minute speech Monday, Mayor of Murrieta Alan Long stressed that Murrieta will remain a safe community regardless of the pending arrival of the illegal immigrants.

“This is a significant impact to our resources, but it’s well within the capacity we have here regionally. Murrieta remains safe, but continues to object to this transfer of illegal immigrants to the border patrol office. While we were successful in having this canceled two other times, we were notified late Friday afternoon that immigrants would transferred starting Tuesday, July 1,” said Long.

Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform told City News Service there is no way of knowing “with certainty” the histories of those being brought to the area. Mehlman said some of the “children” who have been showing up and surrendering to federal agents along the border look older than they claim and have been identified as affiliates of criminal syndicates such as the notorious MS-13.

“Before the Obama administration put a gag order on the Border Patrol, agents were saying they recognized some of these so-called `kids’ as gang members,” Mehlman said. “The agents were forced to take them anyway. The last thing any community wants is more gang members running around.”

Mehlman said the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, policy initiative has served as an “inducement” for undocumented immigrants to make a mad dash across the U.S.-Mexico border.

“There’s no question about a surge,” Mehlman said. “The estimates are 90,000 DACA asylum-seekers this year and 150,000 next year. DACA sends a signal that if you’re a minor, you’ll get to stay in the United States, regardless of immigration status.”

According to Mehlman, DACA is a spin-off of the DREAM Act, which has failed to attain federal legislative approval, though a number of states, including California, have enacted their own versions. Under California’s DREAM Act, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011, undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria are provided with financial aid for college. Critics characterize DACA and the DREAM Act as just backdoor forms of amnesty.


      • Flor

        Uninformed much? Look up the benefits of this and see if YOU can follow along. Immigrants do no harm to you demented people.

  • Mike Angelo

    Not racist. Just sick of illegal parasites getting free health care, food, college tuition when U.S. citizens cannot get the same.

  • Guest

    Send them to the 1% Peolsi, Obama, Reid, Kerry, they all have lots of property these illegal alien children can be sent to.

  • Alfredo De Luna

    All you heartless people need to get a different hobby and stop talking nonsense. These people are here because they had no other choice. If you guys had people constantly threating or hurting your family you would probably run to mexico or another country where you wouldn’t feel so welcome.

  • Brian

    A "pro-life" position that endorsed the murder of abortion doctors also condones the mistreatment and deportation of helpless women and children who will most likely not survive the year back in their home country. Can you please explain and justify this?

  • Human

    Very sad that these racist creeps do this. They would be the first to cross a border to be able to feed their family

  • Dan

    Nobody here has said anything racist! These people are criminals just by the act of being here ILLEGALY! If they put half the effort into fixing their own country they wouldn’t need to be here. If we started holding the governments these peopke come from responsible for the cost and damage they cause, it might be a bit more palatable. They are here against our will. Sorry, but we shouldn’t have to take care of these people just because they can run faster than the ones that didn’t make it across. …

  • Angel

    I think we should send them back to their own country if they're stay they will get free everything why should we support them they came here and crossed the border Obama better not let them stay if he does let him handle them.Obama can spend his own money but not ours

  • Truth

    We'll to the liberal people who commented. Do you want to pay out of pocket to keep illegal , key world "illegal" in OUR country? Why don't you write a personal check to these illegal parasites ? Or better yet , open your homes and let them stay stay with you and their 10 kids!

  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    Save Iraq,
    Save the "migrants",
    Save everyone everywhere from everything.
    This is getting real old, real fast!
    America just can't fix everything for everyone, why can't we realize this?

  • southbay resident

    Shame on the representatives of South San Diego for not stopping this action. Once again the South Bay is a dumping ground for illegal activity that is out of control. South Bay houses pedophiles, builds prisons, expands development through eminent domain, and does little to improve the poverty conditions of the residence that live in the area. The mayor of Murrietta should be applauded for taking a position for his community, right or wrong.
    The government should write a policy that addresses the parents to either return to their country within 30-60 days or lose their parental rights since they jeopardized their children's lives getting here. They have neglected their children with their illegal actions to get here. The government should quickly put the illegal children up for global adoption and deport the illegal parents. Teenagers should be returned with their parents. The policy that these families are trying to take advantage of doesn't apply to recent illegals anyways.
    It's not that complicated, it political. Politicians need to stop playing games, pointing fingers, and follow the laws they wrote.

  • OdaleyVato

    The Feds are either showing up there on Wednesday with more backup or they're doing a surprise, unannounced takeover of the Escondido vacant location.

  • Wilhelm

    President Jimmy Carter welcomed 85,000 criminals from Cuba in 1978. Hardly a peep.
    But since Mexicans are coming to America, the racists from Riverside and OC are out in numbers.

    These are children and they are innocent victims . Those of you who call them parasites are demented and should be deported. I say, Welcome to American children. This LAND is YOUR land too.

    These children will learn the whites are greedy and selfish. That is why Mexicans will never hire whites.
    I will always hire a Mexican over a white because they work hard and do not complain. They are also Catholic and moral people.

    • Joe

      I was only midly saddened by your post until the real truth of your delusion was stated: "Catholic and moral people." Now I'm laughing my ass off. Thanks for that.

  • DavePretty

    I’m not sure if some of the commenters know the whole story.

    1. Most of the immigrants being relocated are women and children that were abandoned during their attempted crossing or seeking asylum from their home country.

    2. They are being relocated from Texas (where they were identified as undocumented and detained) to Murrieta. The reason being is that the facility in Texas was overcrowded and not safe/sanitary for the amount of people being housed

    3. This is a brief stop gap. Most individuals transported to Murrieta would be housed for less than a couple of weeks before being deported back to their home country.

    4. The immigrants aren’t to leave the designated facility and enter the community.

    Take a second to breathe. This is a humanitarian effort. Not a relocation program.

    • Guest

      The ICE document specified that Murrieta would be the end point for “processing” the individuals, noting that they “may be released with instructions to report to a local ICE office near their destination address within 15 days.”

  • Jon

    Murrietta police are bunch of jokers cant even do there job . I pay taxes for them to sit around with the thumb up there asswhile people are getting harassed and abuse . Racist still exist in AmeriKKKa. Wether it be Mexicans or blacks we still get messed with.ignorant people lazy and all of a sudden politics stopping buses with kids that are scared. Iraq Iran etc .. all u guys do is FUCK shit up.

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