Hundreds of illegal immigrants headed for San Diego

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Immigrant Kids Set To Arrive In San Diego

SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of Central American migrants will be flown from the Texas Rio Grande Valley sector to San Diego beginning on Tuesday, according to officials.

Rebecca Bloomfield with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority said it is likely the immigrants will arrive at Aviation Landmark. From there, the migrants will board unmarked buses headed for Murrieta, Calif., according to U.S Border Patrol official Gabe Pacheco.

“They are using the Texas border as one of the easiest ways to go through,” said Pacheco. “People there are told that there is a chance to cross the border and once you make it in, you won’t get deported.”

According to Pacheco, the groups of 140 people arriving Tuesday at 11 a.m. are predominantly families and none have criminal records.

During a 30-minute speech Monday, Mayor of Murrieta Alan Long stressed that Murrieta will remain a safe community regardless of the pending arrival of these illegal immigrants. Multiple contingency plans have been put in place by our local law enforcement to maintain Murrieta’s high level of safety.

“This is a significant impact to our resources, but it’s well within the capacity we have here regionally. Murrieta remains safe, but continues to object to this transfer of illegal immigrants to the border patrol office. While we were successful in having this canceled two other times, we were notified late Friday afternoon that immigrants would transferred starting Tuesday, July 1,” said Long.

According to reports, the migrants are fleeing violence, murders and extortion from criminal gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Once processed, border patrol agents will turn the migrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, who will decide on a case-by-case basis if they will remain in custody, be deported or be released.

ICE officials will allow for the migrants to stay with relatives across the country, but will require that they report to the nearest ICE office, where their cases will be handled.

The decision for the transfer was made at a national level, along with Homeland Security, according to Pacheco. Everyone working at a local level, including the Border Patrol in San Diego, is simply following orders.

After 72 hours, another group of 140 migrants will leave Texas for processing.


  • debtor

    since the country is running on a deficit, we have to borrow money from china to run the government. does this make ANY sense? we are borrowing and further indebting ourselves to pay for problems in central america.

  • [pete

    So they say they wont be allowed to stay but from what i see looks like it to me give them an order to appear what a joke like they are really gonna show up

  • DavidM

    Sounds like these are families seeking asylum, not a run-of-the-mill coming across to find work situation. In which case, each person is entitled to a hearing. It sounds unusual to make Murrieta the "central processing facility," but that's the federal government for you. Too bad the person writing the story is too busy collecting pointless quotes to actually tell us what is going on and WHY.

  • buc

    great timing…on the first day of july (comic con month)…140 immigrants with the possibility of having tapeworm, rubella, mumps, measles, and other parasites (plus other diseases coming from not inoculated countries)…director and writer guerremo del toro is not that far off with his new series, "strain"…i do pray for the "first responders" (those poor folks handling the immigrants…i. e bus drivers, airline workers, all those unfortunate people up in murrietta)…it is indeed a great scenario for one of those "end of the world" films…just sayin'…

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