WATCH Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood “Something Bad” Video

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MirandaMirandaTalk about GIRL POWER!  Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are smokin’ hot in their new video “Something Bad.”  The duo created a sexy and fun story line in their video.  Think mini version of the movie “Casino” or “Good Fella’s” but with hair extensions and lipstick.  And the creative process of this video captures my attention–it’s like we’re watching a real movie.  So FAB!

The fabulous duo are quite a team.

It’s been nine years since Miranda torched her boyfriend’s house in her video “Kerosene,” and it’s been awhile since Carrie carved  her initials in her cheating boyfriend’s ride in “Before He Cheats.”

Seeing the two gals cruise on motorcycles through the streets of Nashville then park in an alley as the smoke filters around them kept my eyes glued on the duo.  It’s clear the friends had a blast together on the set and it’s such a fun video to watch.  Enjoy!

To watch the video click the link below—Let me know you think and give me a shout on twitter @countrynewsgal

“Something Bad” Video -Open Here