Hundreds of immigrant children possibly headed to San Diego

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Boatload of Immigrants Intercepted Off San Diego CoastSAN DIEGO – Fox 5 has learned hundreds of immigrant children originally headed to San Diego by plane may now be coming by bus.

“We’ve received unconfirmed reports that some buses have left with illegal aliens headed for California,” said Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council.

On Monday it was reported flights loaded with an estimated 300 migrant Central American children were cancelled. Moran said he did not have any information on exactly where the buses are going or when they’re expected to arrive.

U.S. Customs Border & Protection said it had no new information of the buses, but released a statement saying further arrangements are being made to transport the immigrants to other sectors in Texas as well as San Diego and El Centro in California.

Meantime, about two dozen of San Diego’s border patrol agents are headed to Texas to help agents with the immigration crisis at their border.

“We’re seeing just an uncontrolled illegal immigration coming across the Rio Grande Valley,” said Moran.

A total of about 100 agents from around the nation are providing assistance.

Moran said the migrants are from Mexico and Central America seeking a better life in the U.S.

“They’re coming here because they have heard we are releasing people and there are no consequences for illegal immigration,” said Moran.

Moran said the focus of the mass crossings have been in the southwest, but there is concern it could shift to San Diego.

“If we were to see those numbers here in SD we might have a little better control of it, but I don’t think control would last for very long,” said Moran.

He added cartel members are using the mass crossings as a diversion tactic.

“They’re making sure that everybody that comes across the border surrenders to border patrol agents away from the port of entry because then it further ties up our agents,” said Moran. “Then they can further move their drugs, weapons and the people they really want to get across the border. They can almost do it unencumbered.”

CBP said once the migrants are processed, they will be handed over the Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

“What we’ve seen is most of the time they are released and given a notice to appear for an immigration hearing,” said Moran.  “Then they never show up and disappear.”


  • Tina

    They better not bring those children here. We have American children in the “system” that we can’t even care for. That bus needs to be headed across the border, and return with our detained Marine.

  • Share

    They are not going to release children, the headline does not make since concerning the article? There is no way they can release minors..they will keep them in boxes and figure out a way to dump them on the streets of Tijuana,, Shame on you USA

    • Tina

      They should dump them on the streets of TJ. They are not our concern, they are not American. USA has no funds to provide for these immigrants nor its citizen’s. What do you expect? They gravy train should of made its last stop a long time ago.

  • Ron

    More fcking BS from this POS Obama administration!!! FCK YOU and your pro illegal stance!! We need a real leader in the White House you mother fcker!

    • Johnnybbaby

      No Wes, Latino California votes for these people!! We just get stuck paying for it all. Send these kids to live at the White House!!

  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    Obama says "don't send your kids here, we'll send them back" to South America yesterday and then goes into babysitter mode. What a great message being sent here, wishy-washy to say the least.

  • Erik

    If we give in to this bum-rush, then every orphan in the Third World could be shipped to the USA and become our responsibility, as long as someone is motivated to pay human traffickers to make it happen. In cases of children not in the care of their parents, the guardians sometimes would be inclined to send the children to America, both to offload the burden and to give the kids a better living standard. The number of children we'd have to care for would be enormous, potentially.

    I'm sure the gang violence is real, and I sympathize. But if we accept that as reason for adults and kids to migrate, we would encourage fraudulent use of this reason. These Central American street gangs could be paid by the parents to fabricate a threat, so the child (or entire family) has an excuse that their immigration lawyer will use. The threats and supporting documents all could be faked; there is no way to verify it.

    Is it unreasonable to expect the NGOs (charities, etc.) and Central American governments to build and staff children's shelters in those countries? It would cost much less money than sheltering/raising them in the USA, and it wouldn't encourage fraudulent claims.

    If we must back out of international treaties requiring accepting refugees, that might be worth it, even though it would not apply retroactively to the kids already here. We don't have to accept the consequences of all the world's injustice and other problems.

  • C.A.

    NBC 7 News reported that families, not unaccompanied children, will be transported to SD and may be released later. Our government is putting the American people at risk. Some of the Central American children & parents might be carrying TB, swine flu, and other infectious diseases from their undeveloped countries. This is one of the reasons why they should NOT be released into our community to await immigration hearings for which they might not even show up. Foreigners who migrate LEGALLY to the US typically have to undergo lung X-ray and health screening BEFORE entering the country.

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