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Kevin Hart used to be funny. From his latest films, I’m not sure he is anymore.

The commercials for this movie didn’t have a single funny line. Not promising when we’re used to seeing the funniest scenes in the trailers.

I gave the first movie 3 stars though, so I went in with high expectations. Since this sequel had nothing to do with the Steve Harvey book that inspired the first one, the expectations were even higher.

The premise revolves around all the couples heading to Las Vegas. Candance (Regina Hall) and Michael (Terrence Jenkins) are getting hitched. Cedric (Kevin Hart) is the best man, even though he wasn’t Michael’s original choice (long story, which like most things in the movie, isn’t funny). That means we hear Hart narrate the shenanigans in a series of clichés (“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”) and bad sports analogies. He spends tens of thousands of dollars renting a suite at Cesar’s Palace so he can throw a great bachelor party. This means we get to see each character arrive in Sin City, in various unfunny ways. The usually humorous Romany Malco (40-Year-Old Virgin) is recognized at the hotel, and the guy calling him “Zeke the freak” goes on to list all the freaky things he’s done. Of course, you’d think the man would realize he’s with a woman, either a girlfriend or wife, that might not want to hear it. I guess watching Zeke make funny faces and cringe is supposed to be funny.

The bridesmaids are planning their bachelorette party, and it’s being ruined by the mother-in-law (Jenifer Lewis). She does that thing that only happens in movies and TV shows. She’ll walk into hotel rooms that would normally be locked, and just appears at inappropriate times (use your imagination).

The characters are all predictable in the things they say and do. The token white guy is made fun of for having a fanny pack and wanting to go see the stage production of Jersey Boys instead of partying at a strip club (I’m guessing the filmmakers didn’t realize the movie version of Jersey Boys would be opening the same weekend).

My date and I left 45 minutes into this. We both were bored and weren’t laughing, so we figured we shouldn’t waste another minute on it. Up until that point, there was only one funny scene and one mildly cute one. The cute scene had Hart dancing in the suite in his underwear and argyle socks, reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Risky Business. The funny scene involved a personal butler working for Cedric. When the guys show up and want drinks, he claps his hands twice, as if this butler will just jump right on it. When he doesn’t and Cedric expresses his displeasure, the guy says in his British accent, “Sorry sir, I thought you were trying to turn the lights on or something.”

When I told another critic it was the only funny scene up to that point, he replied, “There was one other line that cracked me up. At the bachelor party somebody puts a ball-and-chain on the grooms’ ankle. Hart yells, “Black men don’t put chains on black men!”

This movie gets 0 stars. I wish what was filmed in Vegas, would’ve stayed in Vegas.

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