E-cig restrictions move forward in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — A package of proposed regulations for electronic cigarettes cleared the committee level Wednesday and was forwarded to the San Diego City Council.

e-cigaretteThe two ordinances would, if passed by the council, regulate retail sales of the battery-operated devices and restrict their use. They would generally conform to restrictions on tobacco products.

“Our goal here is to provide some sensible restrictions on these so that adults are able to utilize these safely in places that are not around kids, and that kids under the age of 18 do not have access to these, and also give our local law enforcement the ability to enforce state law regarding the sale to minors,” Councilman Mark Kersey said at a meeting of the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee.

Deputy City Attorney Linda Peter said the proposed retailing ordinance would require store owners who sell e-cigarettes to obtain a police permit; prohibit sales of the devices, vaping juice and other paraphernalia through vending machines; and restrict advertisements or promotions that are visible in public areas.

Deputy City Attorney Ken So told the committee members that the use of vapor inhalers would be prohibited in the same types of places where people aren’t allowed to smoke — such as restaurants, theaters, sports facilities, parks and beaches.

Use of the devices would be allowed in residences, vehicles, e-cigarette shops and vaping lounges, according to So.

Kersey said he didn’t want to prevent people from using the devices, but doesn’t want it to be allowed where other people would be impacted. He added he didn’t want to see the creation of “the next generation of nicotine addicts.”

Proponents of vapor inhalers say the devices have weaned people off smoking cigarettes.

The county of San Diego approved similar restrictions on vapor inhalers last month.


  • Mikey Angelo

    Absolutely STUPID! "Next generation of nicotine addicts.." Give me a break. I personally use an e-cig daily and haven't picked up a cigarette in over a year and feel much better!

    No foul odor, no second hand smoke…What is their to ban! Everyone jumping on the "ban" band wagon.

  • Guest

    Why doesn't Fox and thie readers go to any gas station and look on the side of the pumps either low or high where it is hard to see, their in little wording is this product causes cancer. Then if you like go to the Federal and State websites and google gas emission cancers. Less cigarette smokers, more cars, more cancers. Have your kids breath in auto emissions!

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